Saturday, August 29, 2009

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Celebrates

*Celebration of a King*

Today we celebrate the 51st birthday of the King of Pop. Even though Michael is not here to celebrate with us, he can rest assure his music will be on all radio stations, videos on all music channels and programs on every network. Michael left us with a plethora of tunes to enjoy for every occasion. We are forever indebted to you Michael, for creating the soundtrack of our lives.

Happy Birthday MJ!
We miss you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Post-Grad Surprise

I'm sure many of you are facing the same "surprise" I am in finding out your 6 month grace period is over for your student loan repayments. It's such an anti-climax to all the other graduation hoopla, when you're pulling in money cards, gift certificates and free meals left and right, only to be brought back into reality by those ever so "friendly" reminders from Direct Loans, or whomever, about their money.

Something about being done with school just doesn't seem as fantabulous as it did on graduation day. A friend of mine has authored a blog about student loans.....take a look; share what you think!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Do We Do?

The best way to ease the pain of today’s economy is to first and foremost think positive, and keep things in the right perspective. Although times were somewhat less advanced, we have in fact been here before. In order to get out of the regress, we must think progress, then act accordingly. In thinking along the right lines, we must not be afraid to do such thinking outside the box. Traditional thinking is important and has it’s place, but in a time of dire need, we must take on dire straits. Be prepared to examine the economy and understand where the niches and holes are. What do we need? What novel idea will change this circumstance for the better? Think in ways which may seem a bit unconventional, but will be critical and changing our national outlook and more importantly, your personal one.

Networking is also key these days. It’s not always about the great things on your paper resume, but better yet, making them come alive in person. This way, you’ll give someone a video version of your resume and potentially get ahead of the pile straight to an interview. What once worked so well in sending off a couple resumes and cover letters has been quickly replaced with new ways of getting hired. We must not only be patient, but also take the time to do the things one might not have had to 5 years ago. Attend those socials your industry is hosting. Go to the info session you were going to skip for the TV show you can DVR. Find out just how much your expensive degree is worth when you have to put all your thinking to work!

For those not job seeking or looking for other ways to cope, there’s help for us all. Depending on your personal financial situation, seeing a tax or legal expert could save you some grief in the end. Further, actually taking the time to write out your financial plan would prove preventative in avoiding future hardships. After taking the time to ensure your business is in line, take the time to make sure your mind is right as well. We’ve already thought outside the box and found ways to innovate ourselves into a better economy; let’s now get the treatment which will keep our demeanors cool. With trying financial times, find cost-efficient activities which will not only keep your wallet happy, but make you feel just the same.

We may be facing an economy unlike what we’re used to, but taking the right steps and keeping the right mindset will help us through these times and into the upturn we’re waiting for. The economy might be down, but you can turn it up!

Monday, August 17, 2009

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

A New Fashion Tip?

Lately we’ve encountered a new fashion statement at our finger tips. A number of celebrities and local fashionistas have started wearing multiple nail colors at once. This style, often referred to as "Skittle Nails" has included shades of blue, various pinks, the occasional silver, and even 10 different colors at a time. Of course this selection may not fare well in an interview or formal business meeting, but is it ok on the runway? Does the red carpet approve? What kinds of offices find no problem with the rainbow fingers?

I’m sure “all of them” is an up and coming response when asked to “pick your color” at the nail salon. The ability to match all your outfits for the week is definitely a plus, but will this trend give your style the upper hand???

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Defeating the Downturn - Part II
Who’s Most Effected?

Our new economic trends are affecting us all in some way, but are hitting some social groups a bit harder. Baby-boomers and new grads, both undergraduate and graduate, are highly impacted by the state of the union. Baby boomers were set to soon be retiring and starting their lives of empty nests and vacations. As Q2 ’09 began, some 27% of older workers have postponed retirement, with a number of reasons to point to. 1) Their new-grad children are unemployed or deep in debt, and need more help from mom and dad after college than anticipated. 2) They’ve been affected by the hurting banking industry, losing money in their 401Ks and stock options. This requires them to put in more time on the job to make sure they can keep ends connected. 3) Social Security is not so secure, with many speculating on exactly how much longer it will be a viable reality in later life.

Despite their dismay, baby boomers are not the only ones feeling the wrath of the economy’s position. Those just entering the “real world” have been up for a “real” awakening. After studying long hours and putting in semester after semester of coursework, new grads are in a place they never thought would become their reality. It makes no sense; you've studied at a great school, have an expensive degree, are thousands of dollars in debt, yet, you have no job? Is this for real? You got to be kidding, right?

No. Sorry. This economy is for real. With big companies cutting back to mend their over spending of the last few years, they are forced to reduce hiring to unprecedented levels. Corporate restructuring has been the “anti-grad”, coercing some to even take on more school as a means for waiting out the tough times. At first glance, things to look a bit disheartening, but there are ways to get over this hump. We have before, and will again.

Stay tuned for solutions in Part III.

Monday, August 3, 2009

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Law

The Design Is Mine!

The future of fashion may never be the same. Legislators are attempting to regulate the industry through copyright protection, implementing fines and an onslaught of new cases to face the courts. Copyright is the protection given to authors and creators of original intellectual works. Currently, the United States has no regulation over fashion designs, only the trademarks and logos used by designers. As it stands, designs are free to be copied. The positive to this is the opportunity for consumers at all price points the chance own to couture looks. The negative is the saturation of a precious design created by one, and profited by all. The protection would like the States to European laws, which have protected fashion designs for a number of years.

Representative William Delahunt (D-MA) has reintroduced the Design Piracy
Prohibition Act (H.R. 2196), which extends copyright protection to fashion designs embodied in clothing and certain accessories, if certain conditions are met. If passed, the act would afford copyright protection to fashion designs embodied in, among other things, clothing, handbags, wallets, belts, footwear, headgear, and eyeglass frames.


What do you suggest the feds should do??

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

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