Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Tonight MTV aired their 2009 Video Music Awards. The show began with a heartwarming speech from Madonna about fellow music mogul and our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Her words were followed by some of the best dancing since MJ, himself - a rendition of Thriller (the King of videos), Bad, Smooth Criminal and finally Scream, his duet with lil sister Janet. Miss Jackson blazed the stage with her presence to honor her brother and remind us of the hit they made hot. MTV did an amazing job of recreating their dance together and even brought in choreography-heavyweights, Laurie Ann Gibson (Making the Band) and Chris Judd.

It was truly a great tribute; well put together and a perfect honor to the King.

BUT, the show was quickly tainted, when Mr. Crybaby himself, Kanye West did his best to embarras Taylor Swift, as well as himself! As Taylor accepted her award for Best Female Video, beating out Beyonce, Kanye took the stage, grabbed the mic, and said "Beyonce had the greatest video of all time!" [See Thriller comment above]. The crowd was stunned, including Beyonce, and poor Taylor was frozen on stage. So much for making her first award a memorable moment!

Once again we've seen Kanye behave as a child. Maybe we'll see him being banned from award shows in the future; it seems to be the only way to keep him under control.


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