Friday, September 11, 2009

What's the big deal?!
On September 8, 2009, many public school children returned to school, starting their new year. This was also the day our President thought it would be a good idea to wish them well in their new grades and encourage them to do their best.

Many students felt inspired by the Boss's message and appreciated watching the telecast during the school day. He told motivating stories and assured them education was the key to their success. Now why would anyone have a problem with this?

Clearly, some did. A number of schools chose not to tune in to the broadcast, finding it unnecessary for the children to see. Some school districts even claimed "technical difficulties". Really? Hearing the president encourage the youth about education is unnecessary? You can't get your television to work on regular network TV? Is this better than allowing them to tune in to watch 911 footage; a tragedy in our history? Some schools don't even have the funding to provide TVs for their students, yet schools with the choice chose against it. This unfortunately says something about the respect we have for our leader, republican, democrat, or otherwise, as well as our nation's views on education. Since when does the President speak to people under 18 about policy?

Maybe he should have spoken to those with their priorities and facts mixed up. But then again, they might have missed that point, too.

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