Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do You Use Your Voice?

Your streets are in shambles, potholes everywhere. Your community used to be vibrant, but a number of business have gone elsewhere. You have a number of ideas and suggestions about improving the place you live, so what do you do with them?

Too many people have these thoughts and considerations, but do not make the most of them. Do you know who your legislators are? Your State Representative? Senator? Alderman, etc.? These people are important in you getting the things you think your community needs. You also serve as a check and balance for the job they are doing. They have local offices for you to visit frequently; community events, fundraisers and appearances where you can pick their brains and clear yours.

Now, this is not a call for everyone to become involved or interested in politics or civic affairs. Like everything else, it’s not for everyone and rightfully so. However, what is for everyone, is awareness of your surroundings and the right to use the voice you were given by law. Take the time to know what’s happening around you and stay knowledgeable on how the work of your chosen leaders is affecting you. Maybe the law you were waiting to change has or will. Do you know?

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