Sunday, October 4, 2009

What’s Your Workplace Like!?

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. is seriously baffled about unsatisfactory attire in the workplace. Do you have an office job you walk into every morning and wonder if you were the only one who put thought into your attire? So often, we find an overload of fashion violations in our office jobs and an overwhelming sense of “I just didn’t care this morning.” This is not good.

Sure, we all can’t be the epitome of fashion savviness, but we can take the time to put a little effort into our appearance. As a former employee in corporate America, I saw, all too many times, a lack of concern for the day’s outfit...everyday. True, we usually are seeing the same few people every single day; they know us, we know them, and feel like we should not have to impress. This is not good.

Ladies: Express, The Limited, JC Penney, Carson Pierre Scott, Marshalls; these are your friends!

Gents: Express loves you, too; as does JC Penney, Bacharach, Carson’s and many more. Dressing each day should not be about who else we’ll see and how many years we’ve been going to the same desk. Rather, it should be about feeling good for self and taking the time to make us look as best we can. Maybe this job is not your job, but one you’re holding for the next person until your dream destination comes. Or maybe you are counting down the days to your retirement. Either way, taking the time to consider your appearance not only makes us onlookers feel better, but it will work wonders for you as well! Take some “me time” and see what a difference a little effort makes. It’ll change your life, in the office and out!

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  1. I find clothes a tremendous pain in the ass (excuse my language). It seems to me that we should all concede to the one piece jumpsuit with the silver v-stripe and call it a day. The individual thing is over.

    Just kidding, as a future attorney myself, I would think that it would be a pleasure to have a job that requires you to dress nice everyday. I know I am looking forward to the suit and tie routine. However, many dread this experience- why? Like you, I am baffled. Thanks for the food for thought. Happy Blogging.


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