Thursday, October 22, 2009

When is Enough, Enough?

Over the past few months, we have heard more and more, and probably more than we’d like to,about Jon and Kate. Now, we know them primarily as reality TV stars, talk show hosts, party-goers and general celebrities of the time. But, don’t they have a more important role at hand?

While discussing their pending divorce, Kate has stated their marriage was in trouble and the cameras are not to blame. She would know best, but I have to wonder a bit about this one. Jon can’t seem to decide if he despises Kate or if he wants them to be friends and after years of treating Jon like the 9th child, Kate now poses as the victim in many ways. Again, don’t they have a more important role?

Regularly, each of them expresses their love for their kids and the fact “I do everything for my kids”, but do their actions say so? Obviously the show was a benefit to the kids, as TLC was paying the family for their series, but the bad-mouthing of one another in the media and taking on project after project and party after party might not be the best means for “doing it for the kids”. The couple’s twins just turned 9, and I have my doubts they haven’t heard anything about their parents from other children at school.

My question B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Readers is, how much media is too much, and when is enough coverage, enough? Not to say Jon and Kate aren’t doing their job as parents, because emotions don’t by food and clothes for 8, but where should the line be drawn? Are you glad TLC pulled the plug??

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