Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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The Barter Business

Do you find yourself having to be more and more creative in today’s economic times? A lot of people are taking this time to find their destiny after losing employment; returning to school or joining the hustle and bustle of job-hunting...again.

In many cases, those who start their own businesses are forced to think outside the box. They must, in order to survive in this economy and fill a niche once voided by a thriving system. One of the many ways to think outside the box is to barter.

Bartering is the swapping of services, leaving money out of the picture and bringing help to one’s fellow man into it. Business owners these days will trade their service for advertising, legal work for web design or referrals for bundling of goods and services.
The options are endless. Bartering not only builds greater networks, but also strengthens the economy. Consumers can gain more advantages, as business owners are spending less and passing on the savings.

Do you barter in your business? Would you? What are some of the advantages you see in trading?

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  1. So far, I've had good experience in bartering. I have saved a lot of money in trading things, instead of buying expensive items that I don't really need. One of my favorties is http://www.swaptreasures.com , simply because it's free and lets you swap just about anything!
    There are quite a few bartering sites out there.


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