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National Nutrition Month 2010

March is National Nutrition Month, and although we should be mindful of our nutrition at all times, this month, we are encouraged to become more and more educated on our personal health.

Nutrition is not just eating right, but also a myriad of lifestyle practices. Here are some of the most important components to optimal overall nutrition:

1. Of course, Eating Right! This includes eating a lot of leafy greens, colorful veggies, and fruits. Monitoring carb intake and minimizing the amount of sugar you eat are key in eating your best.

2. Exercise. This one is not as bad as it sounds. Although a gym membership or routine exercise are wonderful options, sometimes it just won't fit in our busy schedules. Some alternatives include walking as much as possible, taking the stairs when you have the option, jumping jacks to get the heart going, swimming to work all your parts, and even dancing. Find some type of physical activity you enjoy or can do in passing and stick with it!

3. Regular Doctor Visits. Even when you're feeling good, visiting your doctor about once a year is always a good idea. Let your doc confirm your health and give you direction on what's best for you. We all have different body types, health histories, and tolerances. Getting a personal evaluation made to fit you is critical!

4. Optimal Health Includes Optimal People. Keeping the right people around you is important in having a healthy life. Take a look at the company you keep. Are they contributing to your happiness? We control our own destinies and manage our own happiness. But, having the right people to share life with can have an impact on your overall health and lifestyle. Make sure your circle is strongly bonded with the right cast of characters.

5. Work/Life Balance. Work and careers are obviously the foundation for the lives we live. They determine our means, and are major parts of our character. We may not always be doing the job we want to do, but having the proper work/life balance will make things a bit easier. When we are doing what we want, work/life balance will keep us from going too far into the career crunch and leaving the things and people we love the most to the sidelines. Make sure your life is adequately mixed!

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National Nutrition Month 2010

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  1. We all have different body types, health histories, and tolerances. Getting a personal evaluation made to fit you is critical!


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