Friday, September 3, 2010

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Legal Battles

Celebrity Legal Battles

Maybe this post should be called "B.A.F.F.L.E.D. is BAFFLED!"

Rap star T.I. and his  R&B/reality star wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle-Harris, were arrested in Los Angeles yesterday on suspicion of drug possession.  The couple was pulled over on a traffic stop when the smell of marijuana tipped off cops.  The couple was released on $10,000 bond while pills suspected as ecstasy found in the car are being examined.

We're pretty sure this violates T.I.'s probation, which he's serving for prior firearm convictions.  

On the east coast, Puffy is getting sued for age discrimination.  The $12 million suit was filed by 51-year-old Francesca Spero, after she was fired from Bad Boy.  She claims Puffy had no patience for her after she needed a major hip surgery in 2008, and when she later “suffered a relapse” to an addiction to prescription medication and alcohol. 

According to a Bad Boy spokesperson, “This is a grab for money by someone who concedes in her complaint to having had a drug relapse while on the job and an employer who was not satisfied with her work,”.  "There are many reasons why Ms. Spero is no longer employed by Bad Boy, but age discrimination is not one of them.” 
We have to wonder where Puff's patience really ran short....


  1. Cute picture of Tiny minus the hair color fading. T I is really putting himself and his family in a bad position. Tiny and him both need to make better decisions, they're equally at fault if this is true because they should be keeping each other on the right path. We could have a modern day Bobby and Whitney who help support each others habit, which would be pretty sad. We can see how that ended. But if he goes back, Tiny could get another season of her reality show. This is killing TI's marketability for positive support and living a changed life. I hope its all a lie, or they at least pay a good enough lawyer to get them out of this and make better decisions for real this time. Anything is possible, R. Kelly got off!

  2. Well put, Tonisha! They need a life coach.


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