Thursday, December 30, 2010

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Looking to start your own fashion line?  Check out The Fashion Brain Academy and seminars by Jane!

Ready To Launch Your Line?

We have 2 seminars for New Designers coming up in Chicago...

Saturday, January 22nd
9 am - 11 am:  Before You Launch Your Line - presented by Jane Hamill
11 am - 12 pm:  Local Fabric Sourcing - presented by Jay "Mr. Zipper" Arbetman

We'll tell you WHAT you need to know, HOW to do it, and WHERE to get it.

Get practical advice on how to make the leap from creative idea to sales.  When it comes to business, you don't need to re-invent the wheel. 
Want to save time, money, effort, and unnecessary pain? 
Looking for shortcuts, tips, best-practices, and strategies?

Want to learn from someone who's been there before?
To get the details and to register, go here:

And that's not all... (it never is...) 

Bring a friend for free - if you act fast!

Register by tomorrow, December 31 and you can bring a friend absolutely free. Nope, its not a type-o.  

Why would I do this, you ask?  Three reasons:  
1) I want every designer who's interested to be able to come - even if they're low on scratch right now, 
2) It's fun and I can, 
3) To reward you for booking early (I love it when you take decisive action) and it helps me plan the event (you know, my whole time management obsession.)

If you sign up with a friend by 12/31, the whole 3 hours will cost you $55.  Would you invest that to get your business rolling?

Maybe you'd rather spend it on, hmmmmm...  An absolutely-not-designer pair of shoes?  A few too many bottles of wine?  10 or 12 trips to Starbucks?  Or something else you'll have for a while and then forget.

OR... you could spend it on a morning of training that will not only benefit you right now, but could just possibly help you for the rest of your career.  I'm serious.

That link again..

Join us!  It will be a blast.
I'll bring the strong coffee and donuts


P.S.  Like all of my programs and products, if you aren't totally thrilled with the Seminars you can get your money back - no hassles, no problem.  My personal guarantee.

Jane Hamill
Fashion Brain Academy
Fashion Brain Academy - Business Consulting For Fashion Designers
Launching a line?  Wondering where you can get wholesale fabrics?  Our report gives you 24 of Jane's favorite fabric sources - including their contact information.  We also tell you where NOT to go.  Sign up at  and receive a FREE copy of our special report, "How to Find Fabrics in Small Quantities and NOT Get Ripped Off in the Process."

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