Thursday, December 9, 2010

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The Face of Social Media Today

Speaking about social media "today" is somewhat of a play on words, seeing as the phenomenon is so new.  Social media has taken on a major stake in our world, and is like nothing we've seen in history.  Today, we share everything from photos, to videos and immediate feelings on various social networks, some of them simultaneously.  We can now be closer to anyone we want, while being thousands of physical miles away.

Social media has grown faster than most anything we can think of.  Technological development is changing at a rapid rate, and the ease of getting the networks to be compatible with one another is quite a feat in itself.  Social media has even provided us with games to get to know each other better and find out the truth on what people think of us (Facebook Q&A and #s).  

Social networking is now a given in the business world, with nearly every entity of serious contention in the market having a web presence; it's a must.  In some aspects it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, and the creation of new job and career fields is emerging fast.

A reigning question, is whether or not social media is at any point going too far.  In recent news, we've heard about Facebook changing the layout of profile pictures, and redecorating pages to offer personal information in different ways.  Further, there was much of a fuss made about profile pictures being changed to cartoon characters for the sake of pedophilia (a falsehood, by the way). 

It was Apple's dream to have a computer in every home, but there is fear now this has gone too far, especially with the popularity of social media.  Are we using this form of communication in place of human contact, quality family time, and face time not done via satellite?  Surely the tool is helpful to shorten the pain of distance, but is it also creating distance?

So what do you think about social media today, and tomorrow?  Has it gone too far?  Will it go too far?  What are the best advantages?

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