Tuesday, December 14, 2010

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 10 Christmas Gifts

It's Christmas time, so let's double the pleasure.  We're getting down to the wire on Christmas shopping.  For those who don't want to be part of the December 24th craziness, in stores filled with people and hardly any merchandise, take this list below and get out there fast!

1. Quality time with your loved ones
~This one cannot be quantified in dollars, but believe us- it's invaluable.  Tomorrow is promised to no one, so take time to share with the ones you love.

2. iPod or iPad
~Where would we be without our gadgets?!  Not only do they offer apps and music, but you can download podcasts, movies, store pictures, and more!  Once you get one (if you aren't already an Apple minion) you'll never be the same!  Both are travel friendly, too.

~This book has tips, steps, and secrets for everything a woman needs to know to get through all things big and small in life.  A must-have!

4. Michael Jackson's new album, Michael and the video game
~We're all missing the King of Pop and these 2 selections give us more music and calories to burn after the holidays- especially on Wii!  Also available for PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and XBOX.

~We know this one has been out for a couple months now, and true gamers already have it, but if you don't, grab it!  No one should miss out on having Jordan on their team!

6. A Custom Handbag by 1154 Lill Studio
~This Chicago boutique gives you the chance to create your own bag when you purchase the kit, and they'll send it out to you for free!  Nothing like having a one-of-a-kind on your arm. 

7. Treats by Teresa
~Of course we are all looking to get fit and trim in the new year, but you can still enjoy yourself with custom goodies from this online bakery fave!

8.  Digital Camera
~From Nikon to Sony CyberShot, a digital camera is a necessity these days.  The best way to save and share memories is through these amazing devices.  Get or give one for Christmas and never forget a special moment!

9. CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand
~This nifty household tool gets rid of viruses and bacteria on virtually any surface in your home.  With so many germs out there, the Wand will be great in helping prevent illness.  

10.  A Charitable Donation
~No, this one is not tangible, but in the season of giving, we should all think about others before thinking of ourselves.  Find a cause you like and support it!  You don't have to give money- many organizations appreciate your time as well.  Need some suggestions?  Check out B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Resources for some of our favorite causes.

Did we miss anything??

Happy Shopping!

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