Friday, January 21, 2011

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Are Our Leaders Safe?

In the wake of the tragedy in Arizona, we must take a look at the state of our public officials and their safety.  Thankfully, Representative Giffords appears to be making great progress in her recovery.  However, we must still question why this act, as well as others similar before it, have occurred.

For hundreds of years, civic leaders have had compromised safety.  We've unfortunately had Presidents and activists shot at and assassinated, usually as a result of unsatisfied constituents.  Obviously no one will please every citizen, but most officials are put in office by a vote of the majority.  Once upon a time, "homeland security" was nowhere near what it is today.  This emerging career field has become a top priority in the minds and agendas of our elected officials, and even candidates.  Granted there are decisions made and bills passed which create public outcries, but just the same, the relationship we have with our leaders should grow stronger, too.  Perhaps connecting with local legislators and federal officials will ease the strain.  This sounds farfetched, but they are more reachable than most realize. 

What can we do to make our leaders safer?  What are reasons for their safety often hanging in the balance?  Is there a solution?

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  1. I think it has a lot to do with our public discourse in many ways. We don't really have a 'safe' society (or as Erich Fromm might say, "sane society") and unfortunately these events happen quite often. I am not saying what happened was not terrible, but people get shot in the US a lot. I wish we could all have those proposed 1000 foot gun free zones (shout out to Jon Stewart)


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