Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Let's Move!

First Lady Michelle Obama has championed the Let's Move campaign to fight childhood obesity in America.  As we sit here on the weekend, it's high and likely we, and the children around us are eating fast food of some sort --packed with trans fats. Despite how tasty these selections are, we often take our consumption past moderation into indulgence.

In an effort to combat this epidemic, we all have to do our part.  The USDA is starting in the schools, with new legislation to bring healthier meal options to our children.  The Healthier US School Challenge  is also taking applications from schools across the country to participate in making our schools a healthier place to eat.

Check out the programs for Let's Move and Healthier US School Challenge, and see how you can get involved.  Let's all eat better and boost our physical activity! 

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