Tuesday, January 25, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Brands

This week, we are highlighting the top 5 fashion brands by celebrities who launched in other areas of stardom. We are all inclined to make a career change, and clearly celebrities are no different. These brands were born from careers in sports, music, and television. They've kept their owners relevant in retirement and brought them loads of dough! Check 'em out! 

1. Jessica Simpson
This woman started out as a country singer, moved into pop, and later created her own lifestyle brand. Her collection is trendy and easy on the wallet. From shoes to accessories, and even luggage, Jessica's brand is on pace to reach the billion dollar mark in 2011.

2. Jumpman23, by Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan is arguably the best player to ever walk on any basketball court. He left a great legacy in the NBA, and has taken the sports apparel industry under his wings. With star players wearing his brand in the league today, and selling out merchandise in stores globally, MJ certainly made a smart move in getting into fashion. Not too many retired players can say they still have their own shoe. Wait, only 1 can.

3. House of Dereon, by Beyonce
Beyonce began her career singing with her childhood friends in the group Destiny's Child. After years of platinum records, the group took on solo projects, and Beyonce joined her mom, Tina in the fashion world. House of Dereon is not only stylish and haute couture, but also offers Dereon for the younger, slightly more money-conscious consumers. This brand stays on top of the latest trends, but also blazes its own trail. The jeans are quite comfy if I do say so myself!

4. L.A.M.B., by Gwen Stefani
After starting a great life in the music business, Gwen took some time to have a family, and branch out. She created her brand, L.A.M.B., standing for Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The line includes shoes and fragrance, and continues to grow like Gwen's popularity.

5. Olsenboye, by Mary Kate & Ashley
The Olsen Twins won us over when they starred as Michelle on the 90s TV series, Full House. After growing up before our eyes, the fashion savvy ladies started their own collection, with every young girl in mind. This brand is not only fashion-forward, but economically sound. With sales in JC Penney, the girls have made sure teens of all social segments can get pretty in their clothes.

Can you think of any brands we missed??

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