Tuesday, February 1, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Honors

February is Black History Month

This month-long acknowledgment of African-American history grew from one week to a national celebration.  It is not just for those of African-American descent, but for all Americans.  Like all other ethnic backgrounds, African-Americans have had a great influence on the foundation and progress of this nation.  We honor them, remember their struggles, and appreciate their work. 

We would again like to share some of the things we can hardly live our daily lives without.  These inventions were brought to us by African-American inventors and innovators.  Just think of where we'd be without them!

Alexander Mills - Elevator

Richard Spikes
- Automobile gear shift

Garrett Morgan - Traffic signals

Albert R. Robinson
- Electric trolley

John Love - Pencil sharpener

L.C. Bailey - Folding bed

Marie Brown - Video surveillance home security system

Sarah Boone - Ironing board

Otis Boykin
- Pacemaker

George W. Carver - Paints & satins, peanut butter, lotion, and soaps

Lee Barrage - Typewriter

John Standard -

Dr. Patricia Bath - Laser-based device for cataracts surgery

Benjamin Banneker - Clock

George Crum- Potato Chips

Daniel Hale Williams - Performed the 1st open-heart surgery

George Grant - Golf tee

Madame C.J. Walker - Black hair care products, including the relaxer; She is also the first African-American female millionaire 

Let's not only celebrate the importance of African-American achievement, but do our best to carry it on.

Black History = American History

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