Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Top 5 Shocks in the NBA Trades

Last summer was a blockbuster free agent season.  Well, last week was probably one of the craziest trade deadline events in NBA history.  We saw people leave teams they grew up on, and had players refuse to leave their beloved cities.  Here are the stories most shocking to us:

1. Kendrick Perkins was traded from Boston  
No one saw this coming.  Although we were all pretty surprised on the outside, apparently contract negotiations for Perk's upcoming free agent status were not going so well on the inside.  The 2008 championship team had grown into a brotherhood beyond just teammates, so this one was a tough blow to the remaining Celtics.  At least Delonte West is back.  On a good note for Boston, Perkins will be out 2-3 weeks with an MCL sprain.  But unfortunately his Celtic brothers are feeling some pain, too.  Like Paul Pierce said, "It's the nature of the beast...".

2. Rip Hamilton refused to be traded
After winning championships in Detroit, Rip has remained true to his city.  With all the switching and swapping in the league, Rip refused to be traded to Cleveland.....which is kind of understandable because they lost over 25 games in a row.  The tough part is, the trade could have possibly landed him in Boston- much more of a contender than Cleveland or Detroit.  He definitely gets points for loyalty!

3. Deron Williams goes to Jersey
Amid speculation D-Will was the reason for Jerry Sloan leaving mid season, the former Jazz star found himself leaving Salt Lake City for the NY metro-area.  This was a bit of a shocker, seeing as if he did want Sloan out, and got his wish, he wouldn't need to leave....right?  Or was there more? 

4. The Lakers didn't make any moves
Of course we didn't expect any star Lakers to change uniforms.  But, the way other heavy-hitting teams swapped role players in and out, it's a shock the aging Lakers didn't make any trades to get fresh legs.  They've been under scrutiny lately for getting up there in age, with numerous losing streaks this year.  Maybe they have 1 more year left in them??  Doesn't matter here....we're rooting for the Bulls!  :)

5. The LA Clippers are the new hotness....?
After coming off a losing road trip, the Clippers obtained Mo Williams from the Cavs.  Though Baron Davis was a great veteran leader, this fresh-faced team appears to be looking to change the bad luck the franchise has had for so long.  We can't forget about the excitement Blake Griffin has brought the team this season.  From improving the record to dunking over cars, it's no surprise they call him "Must See BG" and "Blake Show".  This trade may prove quite beneficial for the other LA team.  Out of the shadows??

Since all the smoke has cleared, and players are done with physicals...tell us what you think!

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