Tuesday, March 8, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 10 Ways to be a Professional Powerhouse

This week, we are counting down the Top 10 ways to make the most of your talents professionally and personally.  A great supporter of B.A.F.F.L.E.D., and Chicago lobbyist, Rufus Jackson was a major help in these tips.  Thanks a bunch!!

10.            Look the part
This tip is very important.  When working to get to a certain level, preparing for it is key, and looking like you belong is essential.  Of course, being yourself is a must, but fitting into the world you want to be in is just as necessary.  Be careful with wild colored hair and tattered shoes.  One must always look well kept.  
9.             Read & learn         
You can never stop learning.  Whether it's reading up on new developments in your field, how-to books, or just your local periodical, consistently gaining more knowledge will always keep you moving in the right direction.  
8.            Network
Once you decide the industry of your heart, immerse yourself in it.  Meet and be around others in the industry, learn from them, share your passion and grow!
7.            Feel the part
Looking the part is important, but feeling it is just as necessary.  You have to exude the confidence to let those around you know you are serious about your craft and won't let adversity slow you down.  
6.             Have a vision
Working your plan is obvious, but you must have a plan to work!  Think about your strengths and opportunities, and decide how you'll get to your goal.  Figure out who can help you, how, and keep tweeking your plan as you go.
5.            Focus on your community, not yourself
Your goals and tasks become "you" as you put them into action.  But, you have to keep those impacted by your work in mind.  From working directly as a community organizer, public official, or a private sector director, what you do effects more than just you....and it should.  After seeing tough economic times and facing hardships, we all have to chip in to help one another.  Work for the greater good!
4.            Leave any negativity behind
Negativity will get you nowhere.  Tough times cannot be avoided, only minimized.  However, keeping a positive attitude, and using it to push you through challenges is the only way to keep moving to the top! You can't press ahead if you're stuck behind. 
3.            Be open to new personal friendships
Flexibility has become more prevalent over the last few years.  We are no longer in the times where our destiny was a bit more cut and dry.  We now have to be open to new situations, and definitely new people.  You never know who can be of assistance to you, or who you can be a blessing to as well.  Let others into your circle and continue to connect with like-minded individuals.
2.            Hustle
Never give up.  Persevere, and always know things happen for a reason.  Although things may not fall into your plan, consistently hustling to reach your goals is the only way to get there.  Quitting is never an option.  To get to the top, you have to keep moving toward it.
1.            Believe in your higher spiritual power
We all have the freedom of choice when it comes to our spiritual beliefs.  Whether it's God or another power, having some sort of spiritual direction and support will be paramount in your success.  Staying grounded and motivated will surely get you to the top destined just for you.
Wishing you the best,

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  1. G.O.D. and my Jesus makes me a spiritual POWERHOUSE.


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