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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Events

The Conversation-

This trailblazing event is not one to miss!
The Conversation
Includes Red Carpet Entry, Complimentary Hor's d'oeuvres, Premium Bar, Power Networking Reception, Panel (moderated by Award winning Journalist, Natalie Moore), and Key Note by Fredrick H. Bates Esq. (State of Illinois Supreme Court and General Counsel for Henry Booth House)
Only 200 Tickets will be sold...$10 in Advance (or w/Business Card)

Finally, something for like-minded individuals...
Where ambition meets opportunity...
Chicago's premiere networking event for the 20 and 30 somethings...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Law

Where Sampling Crosses Infringement-

As much as we all believe we're unique and have unheard of creative ideas, we are just as guilty of taking something old and reworking it.  This trend is alive and well in everyday life, at work and in general; it's in our entertainment world as well.  Music, fashion, and media advertising all take cues from things once new and reinvent them --but when is it not ok?

Infringement is the unauthorized use or exploitation of another's work or rights.  It is common in copyright, trademark, and patent law, and has increased year after year.  In music, artists and producers often use "samples" of old, copyright-protected songs for remixes, or even brand new tracks.  To some, this appears to be infringement, if the distinction in the tracks is not strong enough, and the new user is sampling without permission. To others, the new song is just so --a new song, reworked and remastered with its own identity.  The music industry is not alone....

Fashion, as we've discussed on many occasions, is also seeing its share of issues with infringement. Although we do not currently have copyright protection for fashion designs, trademark infringement is increasingly prevalent in the fashion industry. Trademarks protect the logos and service symbols of brands, making them easily recognizable to the public.  Those purses at the mall kiosk are not what's hot, and they are certainly teetering the line of fashion law.  For example, handbags are typically in the market in tiers: 
1: The real deal  
2: A designer flaw (standards)  
3: A pretty good fake
4: A sad attempt

Fashion designers have a bit more trouble than music producers, as their designs are not easily protected and can be difficult to prove as their own.  We've all seen trends come, go, and come back, so claiming a style or design trend as your own gets unfortunately sticky in the fashion world.  The  U.S. Senate has been working on this challenge.  

Media advertising is also a culprit of infringement, using old images and likenesses to create new press pops.  We all enjoyed the 2011 Super Bowl commercial with our old TV faves representing the NFL teams of their respective cities.  The editing and entertainment were perfect.  More recently though, the cast of "Happy Days" has found their likenesses from the show in media use-- without permission.  This spells trouble.  Cast members have filed suit against CBS; they're seeking $40 million for not honoring contracts, and exploiting the use of their images in merchandising, even on slot machines.  

As much as technology can aid in making something old resemble something new, one must always consider the test of "substantial similarity".  In copyright and trademark, substantial similarity is the main test used to determine infringement.  It can usually prove someone not as creative as they thought. Make no mistake, there is no harm in using established ideas and principles as a foundation for your own work....just make certain it has its own identity in the end.  

Be careful in your reworking!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

5 Traits of an Amazing Lawyer~

Lawyers can get a bad rep sometimes.  Lawyers can be not so good, and lawyers can be exceptional.  To be exceptional in the craft, we have a few key suggestions:

1. Know the Law Generally
Law school can be a blur.  So many things make so much more sense after graduation and the bar.  However, once you start to see things in practice, it never hurts to remind yourself of general, everyday legal principles.  Some things, we just have to know off hand and keep at the top of mind- felonies v. misdemeanors, consideration in contracts, equal protection, etc.  Having a top-line knowledge on the law will always keep your credibility in tact.

2. Know Your Niche
General knowledge about the law is essential, but those of us who have a thing for target markets have to stay on top of them!  When your work is made up of a specialty, whether it be business, education, fashion, environmental law, or whatever, be the expert!  Know the field inside and out.  Write in the field if you can, make contacts and connections.  Do all you can to be a subject-matter expert and go-to person when your services are needed.

3. Be Vigilant
Lawyers have to have a watchful eye at all times.  Not just when completing a professional assignment, but in every aspect of life.  We're not saying keep your lawyer hat on 24/7, but being conscious of what's going on around you when you're out and about will not only make you aware of your surroundings, but keep you sharp when you do have the lawyer hat on!  As our signature phrase goes...."look alive!"

4. Show You Care
Lawyers are not the sharks we are sometimes portrayed as on TV or in the media.  Lawyers are careful officers of the court and keepers of the law.  To stay on top of your legal game, take on pro bono projects, volunteer, and help those entering the profession behind you.  Helping each other is the only way to get, and stay ahead.  Build a network and keep it strong!

5. Keep Learning
No one should every stop learning, especially lawyers.  Things are changing all the time and we have to stay on top of them.  From new bills being filed to change laws --daily, to new developments in case law and common law, lawyers have to know the latest.  Being out of the loop not only looks bad on your due diligence, but is not much help to those you're working with, either.  Keep up!

We hope these tips are helpful to you, and as always...if you need more, just ask!

Here's some other great resources:


On a side note, because of amazing lawyers, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the NFL players in their suit against the league.  As reported earlier, the NFL and its players have been battling over revenue shares, labor, and antitrust matters.  The negotiations soon ended and resulted in the league locking the players out.  Independent lawsuits were filed and now, after the high court's ruling, the league plans to appeal.  The appeal will be on the basis of injunctions being prohibited in labor disputes pursuant to federal law.

We'll keep watching!

Monday, April 25, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Law

World IP Day - April 26, 2011~

Tomorrow is World IP Day, sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization, for those of you intrigued by trademarks, patents, copyright, and any creation of the mind known as intellectual property.  This year, the theme is Designing for the Future.  WIPO Director General Francis Gurry describes design as “the language of communication of objects,” helping to communicate both function and esthetics.  

Design crosses so many categories, from dance, to music, theater, fashion, and technology.  Learning the protections available for your creative talent is right at your fingertips!

The aims of World IP Day are:

  • to raise awareness of how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on daily life;
  • to increase understanding of how protecting IP rights helps promote creativity and innovation;
  • to celebrate creativity, and the contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe;
  • to encourage respect for the IP rights of others

Click here for the events and activities World IP Member states are holding to encourage and educate on the field of intellectual property.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Events

From the Runway to the Courtroom!

Again a sign of B.A.F.F.L.E.D.'s love for fashion and law.  Check out this amazing event!
This spring, the Law Bulletin is partnering with Neiman Marcus to produce the second annual “From the Runway to the Courtroom” charity fashion show for the legal community. The purpose and goal of the event is to promote and raise funds for the Chicago Bar Foundation whose mission is to provide equal access to justice for disadvantaged Chicagoans.  The fashion show is scheduled for Thursday, May 5th at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue and 100 guests are expected to attend.

Guests will be able to network, visit co-ed cosmetics stations, and enjoy cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres prior to the highlight of the evening, the fashion show.
The fashion show will feature 2011 spring trends appropriate for today’s legal professionals worn by both models and Chicago area attorneys.

To purchase tickets and find out about group rates please visit:

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Bottomless Closet Inc.
April Newsletter

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Jude Andrews
Bottomless Closet Inc.

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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Ways to Know Fashion Law is Real!

For some time, speculators have found the fashion industry and those specializing in it as, mmm maybe even trivial.  Clothes, accessories, how outfits are put together --it doesn't have the same weight as business, law, or education.  OH but it does!!  Fashion is a viable part of all these industries, and more!  Here's why the field of fashion law is more than just a fun blog topic...

1. The Fashion Law Institute
Like many other popular professions, the fashion law industry now has its own educational core.   The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law launched this past fall, led by fashion law pioneer, Susan Scafidi and has not stopped pressing ahead.  With a recent Fashion Law Symposium and an upcoming Summer Intensive Program, this Institute is making sure the fashion law industry maintains its strength. 

2. Increased Blogging
Although blogging in general is new, relatively speaking, fashion blogging has taken off like wildfire.  Fashionistas everywhere are weighing in on the industry and offering expertise at every whim.  Blogs like Fashion for JoJo, and Fame Appeal are 2 of our faves, and are the perfect sites for staying up to date. 

3. The Cases Show It
Fashion is now finding itself in the courtroom.  With the speed of technological advancement, it gets easier to send pictures straight from the runway to the drawing table.  Trademark infringement has increased, and the fight against fakes is on the rise, too.  Just ask Harper's Bazaar's Never Fakes...Fakes are NEVER in fashion!

 4. The Changes in the Global Market
The global market is changing everything.  New trends in the economy and business industry contribute to the presence of fashion law in the global market.  Not only are fashion lawyers fighting cases across the seas, but the vigilance over fashion brands and trademarks is becoming a round-the-clock job.  Because so many designers want global coverage, their need for strong fashion counsel is imperative. 

5. It's Where the Money Is!
Although fashion law is a growing niche, it sits on the foundation of an extremely profitable market.  Fashion is everywhere, in some shape or form, so while new collections come up all the time, protecting the brands, and investing in the security of the brand take major priority.  We're not saying being a fashion lawyer is an instant-rich job by any means, but the industry itself is not only bringing in billions, but has a space for everyone.   Whether global or local, fashion has a spot for you!

Fashion Law is Real!

Friday, April 15, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Law

Music Law & the 360 Deal

Like so many other industries these days, the music business is vastly different than it once was.  Gone are the days when tangibles were of key importance and switching tapes and CDs in the car was a Red Light Routine.  Now, the music industry is heavily viral, virtual, and digital.

Not only are we less dependent on tangibles, but the dealings for musicians are so different, too.  In the past, artists had separate contracts for their music, publishing, and all things branding.  They would have an attorney for contracts, a CPA for money dealings, and a business manager/promoter for scheduling performances --some still have all 3.  Today, the 360-Deal is on the scene.  360s are deals encompassing all parts of an artist's business, without the individual contracts for brand merchandising and the like.  Many companies, most prominently Live Nation, are taking on artists and doing everything from their record deals, to concert promotion, merchandising, and overall marketing.  What does B.M.M.O. Consulting think about this one!?

These deals are easy for artists and artist management, but can be a hassle for the label offering them.  It is difficult to not only manage the artistic piece, but the legal and financial pieces as well.  Traditionally, all of these pieces are separate.  Legalities can get sticky with these deals, too, especially when contracting and product ownership matters come up.  Musicians are very particular about their work, so sharing or even compromising it can be a struggle.  It's definitely true for bloggers. 

The key to the right deal, traditional or 360 is what the artist is looking for:
  • Do you want a 1-stop shop?
  • If you have separate contracts, can they all exist together?
  • Can your label really handle all parts of your business?
  • How does the deal benefit your brand?
  • Who owns your brand?  You, or the label?  
    • This includes your copyrights for publishing and trademarks for any logos and names.
Of course there is much more to think about and finding the right deal is essential.  Keep these few ideas in mind, and definitely seek expert advice when the time comes.  We have it here if you need it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

See Red!

Yesterday the Chicago Bulls finished the NBA regular season with the best record in the league (62-20).  This feat also comes on the heels of MVP-hopeful Derrick Rose getting his first shot on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

After much talk of the Lakers, Celtics, and Heat all season, the Bulls snuck up on everyone after the All-Star break.  The team came out with a recharged attitude, and star Joakim Noah back from a thumb injury.  The young Bulls are having their best season since the 6th championship season, with no signs of slowing down!

We're proud of the Bulls here at B.A.F.F.L.E.D., and wish them continued success as the playoffs get started.  Keep doing Chicago proud!

Go Bulls!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 6 Highlights in April

April is important for much more than warm temperatures.  Here's what's happening this month:

Child abuse is one of the worse conditions our society faces.  As cliche as it is, the children are our future, so making sure we give them the best childhood and preparation for adulthood could not be more essential.  The Administration for Children and Families has taken a great lead in fighting this social scar.  Check out their site and see what's going on in your area to help keep our children safe!

Poetry is a free form of expression with a rich history in literature and the arts.  Poetry is not only a fundamental part of self expression, but is the foundation of the art of music.  Started by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, Poetry Appreciation Month encourages the art of poetry through books, readings, festivals, library programs, school productions, book displays, and workshops.  Reach your inner poet and celebrate the artform.  

Jazz is a style of music dating back to the early 1900s.  With influences from African-American culture, swing music, and improvisation, Jazz has grown to one of the most popular music genres.   During the month of April, we are encouraged to celebrate Jazz in American culture through concerts, reading, studying music, and purely enjoying the smooth sounds.  There are 112 ways to celebrate Jazz; check them out!

Like child abuse, sexual assault is a real factor plaguing our society.  The importance of spreading the word about prevention and treatment for sexual assault is eminent, and we all must work together.   The National Sexual Violence Resource Center spearheads the campaign against sexual assault, working to raise public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent it.

With the tough times we've seen in our economy, financial literacy has never been more important.  Knowing how to save according to your income will ensure you stay within your means and have something for a rainy day.  Take a look at these tips provided by the Federal Trade Commission to keep your finances on track!

Minority health is often the most compromised.  For one reason or another, minorities have specialized health conditions, which need special attention and heightened care.  Although every condition affects all of us, minorities have increases concerns for certain types of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.  To help improve awareness about the health of all minorities, use the Office of Minority Health as your tool!

*As a bonus...April is National Grilled Cheese Month.  Do with this info what you may :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Cares

SRAM logo

The SRAM Corporation, one of the premier high performance bicycle parts manufacturers in the world, has another side to their operations besides crafting award winning cycling components. They are involved in bicycle advocacy with the SRAM Cycling Fund and are closely related to an offshoot non-profit organization, World Bicycle Relief. These two ventures promote the increase of cycling (an eco-friendly form of transit and a great way to stay fit) as a form of transportation in two very distinct, yet vital ways.

cycling fund logo 

The SRAM Cycling Fund is a 5 year fund that aims to increase advocacy around cycling infrastructure and sustainable efforts to increase cycling in the United States and Europe (with a 60/40 focus, respectively). The fund was started in 2008 and is set to expire in 2013. In that time frame, SRAM plans to utilize $10 million in increments of $2 million a year. The fund's creation, in the words of fund Director Randy Neufeld, was a "way for investors to feel a part of the SRAM philosophy and also a thank-you to SRAM customers".

Some of the activities that the Cycling Fund has been up to recently include:
  • Taking CDOT employees to a bicycle conference in Copenhagen, which will lead to the development of an experimental bike lane on the Southside that will have a barrier
  • Sponsored a trip to Seville, Spain for three Chicago Aldermen (Rey Colon, Joe Moreno and Ariel Reboylas).
  • Supported the creation of the Urban Bikeway Design Guide.
As to the second point, M. talked with Alderman Colon about his experience at the conference in Seville. He was quite impressed with the prevalence of bicycle lanes and the amount of ridership. He feels that this is an important issue for Chicagoans and has been doing work in his ward to increase bike lanes and signage, but believes that it will be a city-wide effort to make bicycling a safe and viable mode of transportation for all (current and potential) cyclists.

Some of the things the fund is working for in the near future are helping developing European Countries establish a strong bicycle infrastructure and working with the US federal government to maximize the amount of funding cycling infrastructure will receive in the upcoming federal transportation bill, which Mr. Neufeld is hoping to see this fall. According to Mr. Neufeld, "The cycling fund is an indication of SRAM's passion about cycling and giving back." He sees it as a "gift" that they will work to maximize in order to grow cycling in America and Europe.

 The other initiative that SRAM sponsors is World Bicycle Relief, a separate non-profit organization that was established in 2005. Started in part by SRAM Executive Vice President F.K. Day, the organization provides access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles. The efforts of WBR are concentrated overseas and some of the past things they have worked on were Tsunami relief (donation of 24,400) bikes to Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami, AIDS/HIV relief in Zambia in 2006 and the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI).

bike SRAM
A Buffalo Bike, the 55 pound bicycle that is distributed by World Bicycle Relief.

Currently, WBR is focusing on their Bicycles for Educational empowerment Program [BEEP], a partnership with international relief programs to distribute approximately 50,000 bicycles to students, teachers and volunteers in Zambia. The program will have a unique focus on girls, with 70% of recipients to be schoolgirls. The reasoning is that young women in Zambia have additional barriers to school completion as they tend to have a number of extra responsibilities along with travel difficulties. The "Buffalo Bicycles" that WBR provides are simple, yet high-quality bikes that are not only means of transportation but also economic engines, as the organization also helps establish distribution centers and mechanics that can assist with maintenance of the bicycles. In terms of metrics, WBR has distributed over 10,000 bicycles and have trained 170 mechanics in the course of this program. 

M. also spoke with some of the WBR development staff, which are housed at the Chicago office (which is also the U.S SRAM headquarters). On of the staff members, Beth Howard stated that one of the best things about the bike and the program is that "It is focused on the end user" and is a way to connect people to the manufacturing of the product. The bike, which only costs around $135 total is, in Miss Howard's words: "Amazing for what impact it has".

If you are interested in donating to this great cause, go to

A group of children use their bicycles to haul water, getting their chores finished in half the time.
 Photo credited to Leah Missbach Day

Thursday, April 7, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Media

Conquer Quest Continues - Google Music!

Just the other day, our beloved Contributing Editor, GuyverV gave us a look at the path Google is on to basically take over the world.  In his post, he shared the insight of Google leading the way in technological innovation--from search engine optimization, to cell phone operating systems.  As fans of Google and its many products, we all anxiously await what's next.

Google is renowned for ruling the world of search, where "googling" is a widely accepted term for internet research.  Now, the master of the web is heading to the music industry.  Like Amazon's pending project with Cloud Drive, Google, too is venturing into the music storage industry.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be. 

Phones and tablets running on Google's Android program will soon be capable of accessing your favorite jams in a format similar to the popular iTunes.  While still working out contractual kinks with the music industry, fans can await the ability to purchase and download music, and keep all their Google products in one place.  Testing is in motion as we speak. 

What will they come up with next?!  We'll be watching!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Fashion Must-Haves for Spring 2011

Spring has finally sprung across the land.  After a bitter cold winter, snow, blizzards, and wintry mixes, we are seeing things heat up a bit.  Today, we are highlighting the things we must have fashion-wise as the weather continues to warm.  Got more suggestions??  Let us know!

1. Neutral Colors
Even though a pop of bright color is always welcome, neutral colors are the "in" thing this spring.  Tans, earth greens, off white....they are all taking center stage, for girls as well as guys.  

2. Patterns for Ladies
Fashionistas will be seen in lots of prints over the coming months.   From plaids, to florals and stripes, printed attire will be a must for the sunny days ahead.

3. Hats for Guys
Whether it's your favorite fedora, or the cap supporting your home team, hats for guys are certainly in this coming season.  Hats can be worn to dress up an outfit for the evening or top one off for the afternoon.  Just about any hat can put a little extra on a smooth gentleman's look.

4. Denim!
Even though the temperatures are rising, denim will still be a staple in our warm weather wardrobes.  From denim jackets to dresses and shorts, denim, paired with bold tops will absolutely keep you on top of your fashion game in spring.  This foundation of fashion can always be dressed up or down, and is pretty much a must for every season.

5. Meaningful Accessories
Sure accessories are usually thought to be a women's fashion piece, but men have their share as well.  This spring, having the ultimate accessory is key.  Fashionable watches, shiny chains or necklaces, or even a wristband supporting your favorite cause, pairing the perfect accessory with your attire will speak volumes.  Accessories are appropriate for the office as well as the "scene", and some can translate easily for both!  Take the extra couple minutes to put a spin on your 'fit before leaving the house.  It'll go a long way!

Happy shopping!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Media

digital super fight
by contributing editor, GuyverV

[channeling michael buffer] we are going to witness the most anticipated battle in the history of digital media for the heavy weight championship of the world. are you ready?! music fans, are you ready?! for the millions of .mp3s in attendance on your hard drive and for the millions waiting to move to the internet cloud; let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllle.

no, seriously, i've been waiting for this for a long time. while it ain't muhammed ali vs. rocky marciano, hot damn, it'll do. for those of you that don't know, amazon ate the lunch of google and apple by launching a music service called
cloud drive that allows you to not only store your music in their digital locker, but also stream it to any computer or android device. google and apple have reportedly been working on this for years. recently it's been rumored that google was testing a similar service internally. the hold up? google and apple were negotiating with the record labels to acquire specific type of license to do this.

amazon decided they didn't need any stinking licenses and has offered the service without consulting the record labels.  the service provides 5gb of space for free, 20gb for $20 a year, 50gb for $50, etc. while none of the record labels have come out and called amazon's service illegal, they're groaning loudly. in response to those groans amazon stated to ars technica: 
"[W]e do not need a license to store music in Cloud Drive. The functionality of saving MP3s to Cloud Drive is the same as if a customer were to save their music to an external hard drive or even iTunes."

i, for one, couldn't be happier. the battle between the old laws and the new tech is truly raging.  the implications of this fight will be far reaching  as content providers have been struggling with the conundrum of streaming content for quite some time. i'm hoping the record labels limp away a bloody mess to tell the movie & television studios it's time they rethink their business models. don't blink, amazon. don't blink.

*In response to GuyverV:
I think this is a good move, also.  Amazon is taking a bold step in the media industry, and showing us just how fast technology is progressing.  Unlike generations past, we are ready to see things change in much shorter spurts.  Records, 8-tracks, cassettes, and CDs had far longer shelf lives than the innovation of today.  We need new and we need it now.

The music industry, as well as its movie and literary cousins, must realize the "obvious" prong in patent law is much more broad than it used to be.  Digital innovation is rapid, and anything making our entertainment enjoyment is sure to please....and not so farfetched technically.

We'll keep a watch on this as it unfolds.  Good luck, Amazon!
V., J.D. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Entertainment

comcast, it's you, not me...goodbye
By Contributing Editor, GuyverV

it's a right of passage to hate certain entities as we grow older. some people hate the IRS, some people hate telcos, some hate the music industry. my particular disdain leans toward telcos and cable companies. i'll save my ire of telcos for another discussion.

when i moved into my new place, i decided to try an experiment called cutting the cord. unsurprisingly, it involves getting your media from sources other than comcast, dish network, etc. i'm fortunate enough to be in a situation where i already have some media hardware that made this process fairly painless. i have a netbook (asus 1015pn) and an xbox 360. while i use my xbox to stream my media (music, movies, pictures) and netflix to my television, the star of the show is my netbook and a program called boxee.

i've connected my netbook to the television via an hdmi cable which sends the image and sound from my computer to my television that i control with my phone (samsung captivate, if you're curious). the best analogy that i can give for boxee in appearance and function is that of  an ipad on your television. you find apps in a library and the content from those apps is streamed to your television. for instance, if i want to watch BBC world news or CNN, i bring up an app called and it shows me those two stations among a sea of other news stations as well as live sports. if you want music, fire up the pandora app and go. there's also an app called vudu which allows me to rent or buy movies instead of having to find a god awful red box. i don't know what it is about those things. they irk me...

so, i've covered movies, sport, news & local channels can be grabbed through an antenna. the one glaring omission is basic cable shows. and though i don't like the service and refuse to pay for the premium version for reasons that are too numerous to go into here, hulu can fill the void. with content such as the daily show i'm good. but i'm sure you'll want more...because you're greedy. and that's ok, you deserve it. hulu has content partners such as amc, bravo, usa E! and more. i can simply watch their shows through my web browser (which remember, is hooked into the television.)

thus far, the experiment is going well. my bank account is certainly smiling and i don't really miss cable. if you have the means, i highly recommend it. there will be headaches, of course. mine was a day and a half battle with the HDMI cable (for the love of god, please make sure your audio drivers are up to date, ugh). you only live once, right? give it a whirl. you might actually like it.

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Events

It may be April, but we're empowering women every month!  Check out this great event:

A Woman First
Saturday - April 30, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
1500 Opus Place
Downer's Grove, IL 60515
$40 includes: workshops, gift bag, lunch & a Surprise Keynote Speaker
WORKSHOPS - Health & Wellness ~ Beauty Within ~ A Woman First and more...
round table panel discussion featuring Six Brown Chicks


*** As women we are so busy living life and taking care of everyone else that we often times neglect ourselves in the process. We become everything that everyone else needs us to be and lose ourselves in the process. In order for us to embrace the happiness that we truly deserve, we must look inward and acknowledge what makes us happy as an individual. Who can love you better than you? The workshops offered during this one day conference offers the tolls and the conversations needed on the journey to loving you! After all you are "A Woman First"!!!!

Sponsorship Opportunities are available. Contact or (312) 719-6632

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

NBA Free Agency Popcorn Watcher By: Tonisha Hood,  BMMO Consulting NBA free agency started with a few bangs.  First, everyone was am...