Thursday, May 12, 2011

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Does Your Government Partner With Tourism?

This may seem like an odd question, but the point is very relevant.  As a legislative attorney, I have learned the ins and outs of the process, and the importance of good government.  Government is not only the foundation for creating sound criminal and civil laws, but a platform for less stringent, yet essential issues, too.  Tourism is a fundamental component of government, especially in these unique economic times.  Gaining greater streams of revenue, while highlighting the gems of your state or city can prove beneficial on so many levels.  From swanky hotels and shopping to touring a state capitol to watch session, tourism is of great legislative importance. 

Just this past Tuesday, the Illinois House of Representatives Committee on Tourism & Conventions held a subject matter hearing on the current state of tourism.  The hearing was not only extremely interesting, but provided much needed information to legislators about what is going on in their areas.   Like all legislative committee hearings, testimony was given, questions were asked, and projections were made about the future.  What this hearing, and the many like it conveyed, is the need for connecting entities to the legislature-- to inform, communicate, and plan.

Promoting tourism is not only of interest in Illinois, but should be in all areas having assets to share.  Of course financial constraints are prevalent these days, but with ideas like "staycations" and overnight getaways, tourists can get more for less.  These trips can also keep money local, where it is greatly needed.  

Is tourism being promoted where you live?  What kind of marketing is being done to get people there?  Is your state or local legislature working with you?
Share with us what's going on in your area, and let us know if we can shed insight to help!

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