Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Top 4 Things Happening in May!

May is not only the month when we honor our lovely mothers, but a month to recognize and be aware of a few other causes, too.  Check out what's going on in the Month of May:

1. May is Military Appreciation Month
How appropriate, after the accomplishment of capturing Osama Bin Laden to continue commemorating the achievements and courage of our armed forces.  Congress designed this event to share the history and pay respect to our Troops.  If you can't stand behind them, stand in front of them.  For more info on the events of this month, click here.
2. May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Too often we treat mental health as taboo when really, it has fundamental importance in our world.  Optimal mental health is the foundation of our well-being, and not only affects us, but those around us.  Having and keeping good mental health is critical to all our other health and wellness components.  The National Alliance on Mental Illness is taking an active role in spreading the word on optimal mental health.  Let's make mental health a priority and not a secret.

3.  Inventors Month
Traditionally, inventors have used the month of August as the time to recognize and share about the art of inventing.  The month was sponsored by Inventors Digest Magazine, to highlight innovation in America.  With the hopes of the month's activities impacting schools and educating children, the U. S. Senate adopted a resolution sponsored by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), designating May 2011 as National Inventors Month.  On the heels of updating the nation's patent system through the America Invents Act, the rest of the month will be filled with events to spread the importance of science, engineering, law, and all the essential parts of inventing.  Shedding this light on our youth is sure to sharpen their minds, and plant a seed of innovation for our future.

4. National Women's Health Week
Like all of our health, women's health is important.  May 8-14 is National Women's Health Week, raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the keys to optimal health as a woman.  Often, women get so wrapped up in caring for others, we neglect to keep our own good health at the top of mind.  We must be sure to eat right, exercise, and make regular doctor visits--especially as we get older.  To stay on top of the tips and news, follow us on Twitter (@BAFFLEDblog) and @thefabgiver for more!

Share with us your May Happenings!

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