Monday, June 20, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

The Real Star Esynaj*

We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge June being Black Music Month.  Black music has an invariable presence in American culture, and is an enjoyable way to tell stories, celebrate, and self express.

Today we are highlighting one of our favorite musical artists: Esynaj.  This woman is not only an amazing songstress, but writer, mother and educator.  Check out her vitals, and enjoy!!

The Rebirth: Esynaj

Energy, edge, and passion shines through Chicago native “Esynaj…” With this being her 2nd chance to influence the world, she realizes it’s even better than before. Esynaj’s powerful and sassy reintroduction to the world speaks wonders about the stories she has to share…her ability to be transparent with her fans; sharing her struggles with herself and things she’s dealt with in her life, will allow her audience to feel that much closer to her. With developed talent, and an understanding for the industry game, Esynaj stays true to what she loves…her music…her voice…and most definitely her beautiful daughter Janyse…a star in the making.

Being brought up on Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, and of course Donnie Hathoway, she praises them for the drive to her passion and soul…remembering the greats, their longevity, and the rawness they gave. Admiring their ability to perform, their control, and passion, has helped mold Esynaj to the performer that she is…

A true mixture of R&B and hip-hop, she wowed the Chicago audience in her first performance in years. Providing lyrics from “Miss Me” (the remix to Drake’s original hit), “Yall know I missed yall why I was gone…but now it’s on” then demanding you recognize that “Since 16 been a beast, don’t believe wait and see…” in the “Fuzion Ent Anthem”, Esynaj sang with the confidence and swagger of an artist that has already been there. Discussing love, pain, highs, lows, and of course demanding women acknowledge their worth… Esynaj show’s out in her first single “Mean Walk” where she and the ladies show off their walk, their strength, and their confidence. 

Esynaj aspires to inspire all women…to love themselves for who they are; “love yourself more than you love him,” she says, “so many times we allow men to get the best of us…but we are where the power lies…trust.” You all will definitely feel her through her blog, “The Real Star Esynaj” and most definitely her music…as she says, “Shawty is Bad!”

Find Esynaj online-
Esynaj on Reverbnation
Esynaj on Facebook
It's E Flare – Blog

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