Friday, May 4, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Cares

Support Swish Dreams!!

Swish Dreams is one of our favorite community organizations, and it continues to do amazing things.  Pairing sports and education, students in the program have higher test sores and are performing like champs in school.
Help keep this great organization in the game!

Vote up to 10 TIMES A DAY
Help SWISH win a $25,000 State Farm Grant
Swish Dreams has been selected as one of the top 100 finalists inCause An Effect, a State Farm crowd-sourced philanthropic initiative which lets communitiesdetermine where grant funding is awarded, exclusively through Facebook. We need you to rallybehind our Cause, cast your vote and help us earn a $25,000 grant.
It’s simple to support our cause and vote – visit the State Farm Facebook page by clicking herethen click on the “Vote” button to show your support for Swish Dreams.

The voting phase is open from April 27 – May 17 and any Facebook user is eligible to vote up to 10 times per day for our Cause. The 40 Causes with the most votes will be announced on May 22 and will be awarded $25,000 each.

Swish Dreams will use the proceeds to provide scholarships to underpriveledged youth for our sports, literacy, and leadership programs. With your help, we can seize this opportunity to create a safer, better educated and more engaged community. Please encourage your colleagues, friends and family to vote and help spread the word on Facebook.
Together, you and State Farm can help be a catalyst for change in our community!
Joshua Mercer, Founder
Swish Dreams Sports & Educational Foundation

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