Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Top 4 Exercises to Keep Your Abs in Check

It's almost summertime folks, so of course we all wanna get in shape.  We'll be rocking bright colors, less clothes, and anything to look good and stay cool in the sun.

To keep your tummy in check between the great summer drinks and treats, try these exercises.  They're alternatives to traditional sit-ups, and can be done when you're limited on time.

1. Toe touches
Stand straight up, put both arms above your head.  Kick 1 leg up, touching your foot with the hand on the same side--left to left and right to right. Be sure to keep your legs and arms straight. These will strengthen those ab muscles.  Do 10 for each side, then repeat.

2. Ab Twists
Stand straight up, and hold your arms at 90-degree angles at each side.  Twist your body to one side and lift the knee you face.  You should be facing 1 direction above the waist, and the opposite direction below the waist. These will work the love handle/muffin-top areas. Do 10 for each side, and repeat.

3. Planks
These are a bit tough, but are worth the pain.  Lay flat on your stomach, then lift yourself up, resting your body on your toes (like when doing push-ups) and elbows.  Hold for at least 30 seconds, rest, then repeat. Once you get going, do these to your favorite TV show or music.  When you're distracted from the strain, you can hold out longer.

4.  Aerobics
Doing aerobics can keep your tummy in check for sure.  Whether you're working out to a video or doing jumping jacks, aerobic exercise is not only good for your stomach, but also good for your heart and entire cardiovascular system.

We hope these exercises are helpful to getting your summertime body in shape.  If you have others you like, please share!

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