Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Top 4 Answers to "Why Fashion Law?"

Fashion law is alive and well.  It is a growing niche making waves on the internet, in social media, and in the field of law, period.  This stylish segment of practice has found more recognition through blogs, seminars, and even its own department at Fordham Law.  Because of some of our faves--listed below, we can give you these answers to "Why Fashion Law?"

1. It's serious.
Some people take fashion law to be something superficial, made-up, or even just in the imagination of a law student.  Incorrect.  Fashion law is built upon major issues in law, including business, contracts, copyright, trademarks, labor, trade, and more.  With the fashion industry growing faster every fiscal year, fashion law has no choice but to exist.  The demand is serious and so is the niche.

2.  Fashion law goes against the grain.
Certainly when you think of lawyers you think of people going to court, writing briefs and motions, and reading through cases hour after billable hour.  Some of these things exist for fashion lawyers, too.  But, there's more.  This niche allows those of us with a creative fire to pair our passion with our professional dreams.  Thinking outside the box is the "R" in IRAC.  Fashion shows may be a regular spot on the calendar, and the clientele is often another creative soul who you can swap ideas with.

The characteristic view of the legal profession is now donned in high heels, swanky suits, and fedoras.  Here, anything goes, and you can see the J.D. on the wall if you dare contest it.  

3.  Fashion law is a dream-come-true.
So many of us fashion lawyers dreamed of this day while reading IP cases in law school.  We were thinking of a way to pair our love for law and passion for fashion.  We loved copyrights and trademarks; found interest in business law and contracts, and even took research as a chance to build credibility in the discipline.

Blogs were started, side projects were done, and as many of us connected through social media, we found comfort in knowing...there were others.  The lights were on the catwalk, and we all strolled out together.  Following the lead of in-house fashion counsel Barbara Kolsun and trailblazer Susan Scafidi of Counterfeit Chic and federal fashion law campaigns, we gained momentum.  Faces changed from pondered to understanding when fashion law was mentioned, and the opening of the Fashion Law Institute really put us on the map. Today, fashion law is real!

4. Creativity breeds creativity.
Seeing as fashion is totally built upon creativity, fashion law is open to just the same.  The rules to this game are "whatever fits".  Of course applicable law is what it is, and procedures must be complied with--but as a field growing quickly, the trail is still being blazed.  The tone is still being set.  Having blogs mean so much to a legal market is something totally new, and the impression social media has on this industry is unprecedented.  The fashion law community is not only on the rise, but nurturing those excited to see--we're here!  

Here are our favorite Fashion Law Blawgs.  These lawyers and law students have made fashion law what it is today.  Please believe, you haven't seen anything yet!

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