Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Social Media, Personally--

Many times, the focus of making the most of social media is geared toward businesses and brands.  Social media is largely based on personal use with everything from email, to Facebook and Twitter pages.  Without personal use, professional use would struggle.  Apps and plug-ins are heavily dependent on personal social media use.  So, aside from engaging with your favorite brands, you should make the most use for your own experience.

Here's some quick hits:

1.  Enjoy!
This one is simple and obvious, but can sometimes escape those of us depending on social media for business reasons.  Whether you blog or are maintaining an online shop, you have to keep in mind the joys of social media.  You can engage with friends, meet new people (carefully!), share news and photos, and a whole host of other things.  Be sure you are taking on things like Pinterest, Fantasy Sports, Polyvore, and more, where the mind can rest and relaxation can step in.

2.  Engage
Paired with simply enjoying social media, interacting with others enhances the experience.  You don't have to feel forced to meet new people, but surely we all know others on some network who we can connect with, follow, or the like.  See what networks your friends are on, and join them!  

3.  Make it positive
Unfortunately, cyberbullying and social harassment have been made a bit easier as social media has grown.  However, by keeping your experience positive and not partaking in ruining the experience for others, you can make the best of this great innovation.  Also, be careful what you post and what you comment on.  We often think we can remove mistakes or unwanted information, but not every site has privacy settings to be trusted.  Check and check again when it comes to sharing too much online.  

4.  Learn
Social medial offers a plethora of spaces to give and get information.  You can have an interest in anything and find others who share the same inquisition.  A couple quick Google searches can lead you to groups, blogs, and other portals for discussing your favorite things.  Take the time to look for what you like.  You might even encounter some new interests along the way.

5.  Balance
While enjoying social media is fun, you have to be sure to balance your time and efforts.  We should all have other things going on, and although many sites can be total productivity killers, knowing when to log off and tend to other things is important.  This also makes your experience more worthwhile--you know, once you've missed it a little.

Surely most of you are well-connected on social media, but we hope these quick tips were of some help. 

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