Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Top 5 Trends in the Fashion Industry~

Fashion is growing and changing as a business.  This exciting industry not only has new items to wear every season, but also new business trends emerging all the time.  

Here are some of the big ones we've noticed:

1. Local design focus
As Fashion Weeks are sprouting up all over the country, cities are also giving attention to designers in their own backyards.  This market is extremely important--not only for the designers to unite and get to know each other, but for consumers to know what's in their area.  Supporting local talent is essential.  We will be launching B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Shops Local, highlighting Chicago area fashion designers, but be sure to check out our other local highlights across the country and ones in your own area.  Share them with us here!

2. Pop-up shops
These are such a cool idea.  Of course nothing compares to the brick and mortar store or mall, but pop-up shops keep consumers excited and give designers the chance to share new products.  Pop-ups are also good ideas for jewelers and beauty brands.  There's nothing like taking your show on the road to create buzz.

3.  Counterfeiting
Unfortunately this trend is doing pretty well, too.  Counterfeiting is nothing new, but with the ease of technology, the market has grown exponentially.  Fake makers can now solicit online, watch legit fashion shows, and have their fakes on the market in no time.  Making billions, this industry has made its place in fashion these days.

4.  Anti-counterfeiting
Because of counterfeiting, there's a greater need for pushing anti-counterfeiting.  Fashion law has emerged, and the need for attorneys in the fashion industry is more than critical.  Brands must be vigilant not only online, but also in stores.  Protecting trademarks and trade dress have become standard parts of the fashion business.  The battle has landed many designers in court, and while counterfeiting isn't slowing down, the mission to curb it's edge is on the move.

5.  Branding beyond borders
Fashion is so global.  Of course technology and online marketing make this very easy, but the draw of international Fashion Weeks, along with collections growing into lifestyle brands is strengthening fashion in the global market.  Contests, model calls, and a plethora of marketing campaigns has made fashion just as global as commodity trading.  The textiles industry is booming, and the amount of international students at fashion institutions is up as well.

We are confident the fashion industry will continue to emerge in business.  There is literally room for everyone.  It's the way creativity should be. 

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