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Top 6 Fashion Statements from NBA All-Star Weekend!

Gents!  You know we always have you in mind, so this week and next, we'll be dedicating the Tuesday Tops to you.  Today, we'll be looking at some of the fashions from All-Star Weekend.  We'll let you know what we think and you can make note if you like.  Some of these are good....others, not so much.

Next week, we'll be giving tips to keep you looking smooth and eye-catching.


1.  The Jerseys
This is a simple one.  Adidas did a nice job with the jerseys.  They were nicely designed and captured the spirit of the host city--Houston, which is usually the case with All-Star uniforms.

But, now to the real fashion...

2. Casuals
Shannon Brown looked nice in his cardigan and t-shirt.  Guys, this is a great style for any weekend when you want to be relaxed, yet still show you have style.  The shades and chain were nice subtle choices.  What more would we expect from a Chicago-area native!?
 The stars of the Heat were fashionable in their t-shirts and glasses.  Whether you need them to see or not, glasses are nice fashion statements to change up your look here and there.  Graphic tees are always good choices for guys going casual.  Of course make sure they're ironed.

Kobe kept it classic casual with a denim jacket.  You typically can't go wrong with these....as long as it's not part of a full outfit.  Sure, they come and go, but all denim outfits are not particularly in style these days.  They'll be back, but be sure for now, you're just rocking a jacket with pants that aren't exact matches.  It sounds bad, but trust us on this one.  If the jean outfit is your thing, be patient--it'll be back in style.  

2.  Sporty
John Wall rocked his Adidas well in this red and black sweat jacket.  While debuting his newest shoe, he kept up with the athletic theme of the weekend.  Clothes by your sponsor are never a bad idea.  

3.  Sideline Scenes
The former Oklahoma City Thunder trio made for an interesting sideline scene.  The 2 remaining Thunder, Westbrook(l) and Durant(r) are always good for pushing the envelop in fashion.  Durant loves glasses and Westbrook loves prints.  All-Star Weekend was no different.  Although James Harden (c) is now a Houston Rocket, he remains synched with his former teammates in being fashionable hoopers.
All of the gents put nice looks together here.  Despite prints sometimes being tough to pull off, Westbrook was able to do it, but guys you have to be careful with this.  KD's hat was a nice touch, and Harden in the vest was pretty smooth. 

The more seasoned All-Stars were well-dressed on the sidelines, too.  Jackets are always a safe choice, and Melo went edgy with the double-breasted selection.  This is another to be careful about, but if you can pull off the throwback look--with confidence--go for it!  D-Wade is usually pretty fashion savvy.  His printed shirt and tux-inspired jacket were good choices for All-Star Saturday night.  LeBron was one of many donning leather sleeves.  I'd imagine the temperature was pretty balanced at the arena.  He looked nice in the shirt, but gents--be careful with leather sleeves.  There's a time and a place.  Where and when you'll sweat isn't one of them.  

4. Swanky Suits
Most of the All-Stars wore their suits well.  Of course we have to highlight the fashion of our hometown favorites, Chicago Bulls Luol Deng and Joakim Noah.  Both guys wore their personalities.  Lu was dapper in the classic suit and Chicago red tie.  It was a nice complement to his blue shirt and socks.   Joakim is a bit edgier, and showed it in his colored pants and shirt. 

Kevin Durant was smooth in his Longhorn colors and prints.  Possibly pulling from his college days in Texas, KD rocked this suit sharply.  Printed jackets are also something to be cautious about.  However, if you play the colors well and don't go overboard, you can get it done.  He did.
 More Westbrook and Harden.  Well, Harden looks great in his blue selection.  We'll continue to leave the beard alone, but as far as his attire, he again won with this selection for the Celebrity Game on Saturday night.  We will address this Westbrook number in a bit...

 MJ was on deck celebrating his 50th birthday.  Despite some of the questionable fashion choices he's made in the past, this was a nice one for the birthday boy.  Like KD above, the plaid jacket worked out.  

 Both Stephan Curry and Dennis Scott looked good on Sunday night.  3-D is usually pretty smooth with his look, and it appears the young star is not too far behind.  The vest  with the shirt and tie were good choices. 

 We're used to seeing Spike in Knicks gear, but he took it up a level this weekend.  The color combination and hat were nice.  This is a look to be replicated, gents.  

5.  No!
These selections just shouldn't have been done.  We're not surprised, considering who made the choices, but just because they've always done it doesn't make it right.
Gents, these options are no-nos!

Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins really took it there with this lemon-lime inspired suit.  Taking a fashion risk is ok, but consider the risk before you take it.  Clearly Darryl was looking to make a statement.  He did.  You shouldn't.  

No shock here.  TNT courtside reporter Craig Sager is known for wearing flamboyant suits.  Gentlemen, just because other people do it doesn't make it ok.  This satin wallpaper look just wasn't a good idea.  Do not follow Craig's lead.  
Surely KG agrees...

 Now back to the Westbrook suit from the Celebrity game.  As you saw above, it appeared Russell had done the right thing.  Now seeing the entire suit, we have to dissent.  Animal printed pants are just not a good idea, guys.  It's not what you want. I don't think we need to explain this one.  You can see for yourself.

 6.  Class
There's never any explanation needed for a classic look.  Like the true legend he is, Bill Russell gave us a distinguished look.  Nothing too flashy, but definitely a timeless look for any occasion. Take note young fellas.

We hope these pics were not only entertaining, but informative.  We'll be back next week with in-depth tips on men's style.

Stay tuned!

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