Thursday, March 7, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Loves Chicago

The Best Brunch Spots!

Thursday is the perfect day to get weekend brunch plans in order.  Brunch is often an underrated meal, but with places like these popping up, it's getting the respect it deserves.  Check out these great Chicago locales and enjoy some of the tastiest food to start your day.

Sweet Maple Cafe
The banana pancakes here are the best....along with the biscuits, turkey breakfast meat options and often-flavored hot chocolate.  Their seasonal pancake options are always delightful as well.  Although the space is quaint, this should be a must on your brunch go-to list.  They also have free parking in the lot across the street.

Hash House-a-Go-Go
Imported from San Diego via Las Vegas, this farm-inspired spot has all the food you need.  The prices are great, and the chicken and waffles are the best--along with many of the other selections.  Everything is made fresh, and the mimosa menu is good, too. It's fairly new to Chicago.  Go say hi!

Creole cuisine at it's finest.  Wishbone is just a block away from Harpo Studios and was highly recommended by Oprah herself.  All meals are good, and the brunch is no different. If you can't make it to New Orleans, Wishbone is the closest 2nd you'll find.

Batter and Berries
The french toast really puts this place on the map.  Just look at these pictures!  This north side gem is worth the trek for people not in the area.  What's more to say with food like this.

If you're in the UIC area, this is a nice place to stop for brunch.  The menu is student-friendly and the portions are just right for the good prices.  Obviously the pancakes are a specialty--and they have plenty of varieties.  

A new South Loop spot, Waffles is great at serving their name justice.  The flight is a must.  You can try 3 of their specialty waffles and it's just enough to soothe your tastebuds.  The other menu options are just as good, from the eggs to all the meats.  

Yolk is quickly expanding across the City and making mouths happy on all sides.  With tasty french toast dishes, scramblers, and pancakes, no one can be left without something they love.  They have all you can ask for, both savory and sweet.  

Meli Cafe
A West Loop jewel. The juices here are their claim to fame.  While the food is excellent and healthy at the same time, the juice is what sets them apart from the rest.  Everything from skin cleansers to detoxes will have you feeling good on the inside and out.  

Zed 451
Don't eat before you go here!  You'll be served enough food to last you the rest of the day.  From the salad and breakfast bar, to the fruit, desserts, and constant meats brought to your table, you'll leave pleasantly full without question.  

Pearl's Place
This place has southern hospitality and plenty of southern meals to make your tummy satisfied.  There's free parking on site, the french toast is amazing, and you have your choice of a buffet or tasty breakfast menu.  You can't go wrong with Pearl's Place.

It's straight to the point.  Brunch is a yummy river north restaurant with plenty of options.  They have great smoothies, sandwiches, and anything you could dream off the griddle.  

The Bongo Room
There's one in the South Loop, and one in Wicker Park--so they're accessible to everyone.  Tasty pancakes are their trademark, and the omelets are great with the yolk or just whites.  There may be a line, but it's totally worth standing in!

Grand Lux Cafe

It may be a large chain, but the brunch is as stellar as it's notoriety   The mimosas are refreshing, and the blueberry pancakes are so good.  Like many of the other options, you might have to wait in line, but it will be totally worth it!

Know of any other good brunch spots?  Share them with us!

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