Tuesday, March 26, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 6 Sites Where Fashion Meets Charity--

A while ago, we gave you the Top 5 Ways to Give, Fashionably.  Those ways are still great, with the exception of Bottomless Closet now being Dress for Success.  But, now you're up to speed and we can give you the top 4 ways to be charitable in shopping.  There's something in it for you and something in it for those in need.

Everyone wins!

1.  Donate My Dress
This is similar to their member organization The Glass Slipper Project.  Both collect fabulous party and special event dresses to be passed on and given new life.  Share yours!

2.  Econscious Market
Where 1 purchase goes a long way.  Econscious donates a portion of every sale made to 1 of 46 charities.  As the purchaser, you get to select your charity of choice.  This is also an idea worth looking into for non-profits out there wanting to expand their reach!

3.  Risdworks.com
Education is key and the foundation for success in life.  While shopping on this site, you can send all the profits to the Rhode Island School of Design...and have your hand in the next amazing fashion designer.  See, win-win!

4. I-ella.com
Here, you can post photos of your items for sale, choose your own selling price, and have 10% of the transaction go to charity!

5.  Toms
For every pair of shoes purchased, another pair is donated to a child in need.  You can't go wrong with Toms, and they now have dressy styles.

6.  Goodsearch.com
On this site, you can search for a charity and the site will match you with a retailer who gives proceeds to them.  So charity first, shop second.  

These sites are just a few among many web venues allowing for fashion and charity to meet.  If you have more please share them.  We certainly will.

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