Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Top 4 Legal Cautions for March Madness--

We may be out of the month of March, but March Madness is just now kicking up.  With the Final Four airing next week,  we want to give 4 quick cautions for staying on the right side of the law for the festivities.


1.  Be careful who you bet with.
Be conscious of your state and local laws.   Opponents may look of age to gamble, but might not be.  It's not worth the trouble.

2.  Use caution in marketing.
"March Madness" is actually a trademark owned by an NCAA affiliate.  No one can be too sure how vigilant they are being, but as we've discussed about trademarks before, do not use someone else's intellectual property improperly and without permission.  It could end in a lawsuit.  You don't need it--especially if your bracket looks like mine (winner! :)).

3.  Celebrate with care.
We all get excited when our teams do well, but it's never worth charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, or any other run-in to ruin your celebration.  Cops will be out and watching.  Keep it tame.  After all, the big game is on a Monday.  

4.  For the lawyers out there, be careful communicating with players.
This tournament gives a great glimpse into who will be where in the NBA draft and who to check for when scouting.  Although all pro athletes need able counsel, amateurs do not--and there are rules regulating it.  Communicating with college athletes in regards to representation or attaining compensation is prohibited, and could cost you your expensive law license.   Wait to see which players leave school, graduate, or enter the draft.  Until then, they are student-athletes.  

We hope these tips are helpful to you and your brackets haven't been destroyed.  No one expected Florida Gulf Coast University to do what they did!

All the best to your team!

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