Wednesday, May 29, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

The Most Stylish People Around the Illinois State Capitol--

We are so excited about this post.  Fashion is a favorite, and so is legislative law.  Now, we've put them together.  Last week, we gave you the Top 4 Tips for Capitol Fashion.  Today and tomorrow, we'll be showing you the some of the Most Stylish People doing the work of the people of Illinois.  

You'll see legislators, staffers, and lobbyist, who not only do a great job for this State, but look amazing doing it.  So many people were eager to offer their photographs and their contribution to this site is more than appreciated.

Here's the first set of looks.  

Fabulous use of color, prints, and solids

Stunning use of a solid-colored dress as a canvas and exuding 1st Lady Style.

The shirts and ties here are everything.

I'm not sure they planned to coordinate, but they look great.
Never be afraid of color!
She's always fabulously dressed, head-to-toe...just another day at the Capitol.  

Love how her blouse brings out the coral in his tie.
Color-blocking at its best.

He's not afraid of a colored shirt.  See, Gents.  It works great!

Great looks for day session and evening receptions
Nice no-tie look 

Love this shirt and tie combo!

These Gents used their ties as highlight pieces.  Smooth moves.

Her non-traditional suit look is great for Spring.

Of course nothing sets off a great outfit like shoes!

Please take notes from the looks you see here.  There's no question these are all Fashion Do's!

Stay tuned tomorrow, when we'll show you more fashionable looks from the Illinois State Capitol.

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