Tuesday, July 23, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 10 Classic Pieces For Fun Fashion!

Lucky Magazine has shared 10 pieces you could technically live without, but might as well have for fun and taking your look up a level, right?  In addition to the Must-haves for the Fabulous Fashionista, we think these are totally worth sharing, too.

1.  The boot-cut jean, the cut that flatters everyone.

2.  The striped tee, what French girls wear.

3.  The Army jacket, a staple that makes any outfit cooler.

4.  The slouchy cardigan, easy and great over dresses.

5.  The motorcycle boot, the boots that make you a badass.

6.  The peacoat, warm without being bulky.
*You should just have one of these.  It's a must!

7.  The slipdress, endlessly versatile.

8.  The trench coat, instant sophistication.
*Again, another you absolutely should have.

9.  The ballet flat, the gold standard of flat.
*Another must.  Even if you can spend hours in your heels, concrete is the arch-enemy.  Put on cute flats to spare your treasured stilettos--and still look amazing!

10.  The plain button-down, boyishly preppy.

Hope you enjoyed these.  How many do you already have?

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