Monday, August 5, 2013

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The Minimum Wage War--

Late last week, minimum wage workers staged a protest, demanding an increase in their pay up to $15/hour.  There were many sides to this story.  Some felt it was unnecessary, citing minimum wage jobs as temporary positions or stepping stones to something more.  Some even noted better financial management as the cure to their struggles, rather than simply paying more money.

On the contrary, advocates of the increase say such a gap has been created between the middle class and upper class, we now have a "working poor".  This group includes people who may have previously had better financial circumstances, or even have loans which put them in a bad spot following the recession. They have families--and things like rent, insurance, groceries, and clothes are not decreasing in price.  Some businesses even market themselves as higher-tiered, but don't pay what the profits show.  

One point for sure is the sentiment many people have about minimum wage jobs in general.  Very few see them for what they could be--a start to growing in the company and learning the business.  Most patrons see the employees in a particular frame of mind because the complexity of their job appears minimal.  Step into their shoes.

Regardless of your impression about minimum wage workers and the jobs they do, they are an integral part of everyday life--some more so than those making far more than them.  Imagine high-paid professionals walking into an empty Starbucks.  Their work may suffer after a while, but their day has been immediately impacted when they can't get the coffee--or whatever other quick bite they do depend on.

What do you think about the protest?  Should the minimum wage go up?  What other issues contribute to this matter?

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