Saturday, August 3, 2013

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Step Out for Diabetes!

Diabetes is a condition near and dear to us.  It is unfortunately common, and hampers the lives of many Americans each day.  Seeing things positively, diabetes can be controlled with the proper diet and exercise.

To help contribute to the research needed to find a cure, support the Step Out campaign, and stay tuned for more on diabetes as we get closer to Diabetes Awareness Month!



The American Diabetes Association Research Program has supported nearly 4,000 research projects and invested nearly $640 million in diabetes research since its inception in 1952. Last year alone the program made $34.6 million available to support a broad spectrum of diabetes research. The money raised by Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes participants help fund the Association’s research program.
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Visit our website to find resources to learn more about the Association’s Research Program and the investigators and projects that need your support. You will also find the latest diabetes headline news, and get current information on diabetes science and research advances.
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American Diabetes Association – Step Out
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