Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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5 Things to Know About the Michael Jackson Trial--

We're awaiting a verdict, folks.  The jury went into deliberations late last week, and at some point soon, we'll find out if concert promotion giant AEG will be held responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.  Katherine, his mother, and his 3 children have not only filed this lawsuit for wrongful death, but some of them have even taken the stand.  

Here are some of the key things to know about this trial:  

1.  There's about $1 billion at stake.
"This Is It" was set to pull in plenty of money between ticket sales, memorabilia, and ads/promotions.  It did as a movie, but imagine what the concert was going to do.  Additionally, MJ's lawyers say he had so many things in the works--he would have raked in money from a Las Vegas show, movies, TV spots, and other music had he not passed away.  Despite making hundreds of millions and being the top seller on iTunes in his death, clearly the King of Pop would have still been on top had his life continued.

2.  He had a clothing line planned.
In addition to the music-related money Michael would have made, he was also in talks with fashion designers to collaborate on his own collection.  Can you just imagine the pieces it would have included?  

3.  His family gave us an inside to who he really was.
With his oldest son Prince taking the stand, along with his mother Katherine, we got a glimpse inside the personal world of the entertainer.  We saw videos, photos, and heard his voice in a form other than song.  The jury got to know the man they would never have via songs on the radio--but straight from the people who knew him best.  

4.  Kenny Ortega was on his side.
Despite testimony showing AEG was pushing hard for Jackson to get these shows done their Director might not have been completely in line with their alleged pressing.  It is clear in the "This Is It" movie, Kenny really cared.  He made sure MJ got water when he needed it, didn't go to hard in rehearsals, and looked to genuinely have his back.  Contrary to what the prosecution is claiming, the entire company was not pushing Michael to fail.  Ortega even got an ovation from the jury following his testimony.  

5.  The verdict could change everything.  
Deliberations began last week and the jury has yet to give a final verdict.  If AEG is found guilty, this could put other concert promotion companies on alert about how to treat and handle talent, particularly if they know they have health issues like Michael's struggles with prescription drugs.  

No matter the outcome, our prayers are with the Jackson family and AEG.  We all know the pain of losing a loved one, and on the world scale--living without MJ live.  Thankfully we have his music forever.  

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