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Top 5 Things to Know About Diabetes--

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  We always find it important to discuss diabetes, as it affects million of Americans.  It is  a group of diseases, characterized by high blood glucose levels, resulting from the body's deficiency in producing insulin.

While constantly raising awareness, there are some important things to know about diabetes:

1. Diabetes does not have a cure and needs continued awareness.   

As greater efforts and funding is put into diabetes research, we can get closer to combating its prevalence.  

2.  Diabetes can be from a number of sources. 
Diabetes can based on diet, genetics, access to health care and healthy food, or a combination of the 3.  

3.  There are three types of diabetes:

-Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood. Many patients are diagnosed when they are older than age 20. In this disease, the body makes little or no insulin. Daily injections of insulin are needed. The exact cause is unknown. Genetics, viruses, and autoimmune problems may play a role.
-Type 2 diabetes is far more common than Type 1. It makes up most of diabetes cases. It usually occurs in adulthood, but young people are increasingly being diagnosed with this disease. The pancreas does not make enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal, often because the body does not respond well to insulin. Many people with Type 2 diabetes do not know they have it, although it is a serious condition. 
*Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common due to increasing obesity and failure to exercise.
-Gestational diabetes is high blood glucose that develops at any time during pregnancy in a woman who does not have diabetes. Diabetes affects more than 20 million Americans. 

4. Again, diabetes is an everyday condition, impacting people we all know.  

Well-known fighters include Halle Berry, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Patti LaBelle, Drew Carey, Bret Michaels, Nick Jonas, and Larry King.  They don't let it stop them.  No one should.

5.  Awareness and action make diabetes manageable.
Visit your doctor regularly and make sure you are doing the right things to remain healthy.  Eating right, watching your sugar intake, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle--including physical activity, will keep you in control of diabetes--not the other way around.

Take diabetes seriously.  It could be your condition or the condition of someone close to you, but it affects us all.

Here's some helpful resources:
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