Tuesday, December 31, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top Looks of 2013--

2013 was a pretty stylish year.  There were some great looks out there over the last 12 months, and we want to highlight a few for you.  We've got ladies, gents, and even some fashionable kids.  Some are faces you see all the time, others not, but all are quite stylish!






Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Beauty

Favorite Beauty Products of 2013--

As we close out 2013, we want to share some of our favorite beauty products with you.  This is not an all-inclusive list, but definitely highlights some basics!

Gents, you can use some of these, too!

This product is a great guard for your hair against the heat.  It keeps moisture in and protects your color-treated locks.  You must have this before blow drying and flat ironing.  

Keratin is an essential ingredient to hair health.  Andre Walker--hair stylist to the Queen of Media herself, Oprah--outdid himself with this one.  The set makes for healthy, soft hair, whether it's natural or chemically treated.  There are no regrets in stocking up on this as the foundation for your hair regime.

This one can be used as an ingredient to a homemade hair mask...or as a stand alone.  It makes your hair soft and manageable, while restoring it with moisture after washing.  Let this one sit on your hair for at least 15 minutes after shampooing and conditioning.

It's like magic.  If dry or thin hair is your issue, use coconut oil to make the change.  Applying it to your scalp nightly, or every other night--especially in the winter--keeps your scalp happy.  It also thickens weak strands right at the root.  You MUST have this in your beauty bag.  You can buy it at any grocery store. 

The conditioner works wonders.  It, too can be used as an ingredient to a homemade hair mask, or on its own after shampooing.  It's great to restore protein, but also strengthens hair.  Gotta have this one. 

Now, to the face.  This is a skincare magic wand.  Using this just 2 times a week will make your skin softer than you could ever imagine.  To be upfront, it does cost at least $100, but it's well worth the investment for healthy skin.  Regular washing only removes so much dirt and oil.   Clarisonic gets everything.  You'll be amazed how your skin feels after just 1 use.  Get one now!

If you have dark spots or discoloration of any kind, this moisturizer is just for you.  It is perfect for warm and bitter cold weather, providing just the right amount of moisture and sun protection your skin needs.  It also gets your tone clearer.  

It's a twofer!  You get a mask, and an exfoliator all in 1.  Use this 1-2 times a week (just once if you get the Clarisonic and use that 2x/week) in the shower to make it easy.  Wash your face, apply the Glam Glow--particles and all, and do your other shower tasks.  After letting it sit, rinse off in a circular motion to life impurities from your skin.  Do a final rinse with cold water.  The 0.5oz jar is enough to last a few weeks. Your skin will thank you.

This is great for any time of year, but winter especially.  Use just a couple times a week to keep your lips soft and restore moisture.  Plus, it smells great and is not too harsh. 
These are perfect for removing makeup before your real face wash.  It takes off eye makeup in just a couple wipes, and the vitamin E and tea tree oil are good for your skin.  Keep these close.

Gotta love this cleanser, especially for oily skin.  It strips away unwanted oils, and perfectly preps your skin for the right moisturizer.  

We couldn't end this post without mentioning our forever favorite Coco Rae Nail Polish.  She's got great colors and lip glosses are coming soon.  We're also looking forward to trying these made in Chicago gems, Mojo Spa and Bonnie!

For more, check out:

Happy 2014!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 6 Ways to Invigorate Your Style--

Style is timeless, but it can always use a boost to keep things fresh.  Today, we're sharing 6 ways to invigorate your style.  It's the time of year when many start to think about new year's resolutions.  While each day is a chance for a new start, we know the new year is a good chance to start fresh. 

Check out these tips and share some of your own:

1.  Color with Caution
Neutral colors are your canvas.  Wear them and use them to highlight other pieces like statement jewelry, scarves, hats, and shoes.  On the contrary, wear colors and prints when you are not rocking the solids.  You can even mix some prints, but do this with caution, of course.

2.  Trend Lightly
Timeless pieces are essential.  You have to have staples like jeans, cardigans, blazers, and plain t-shirts.  But, the latest trends are good to dip into, too--with caution.  You have to know when the trends are appropriate, and not overdo them.  Reserve trendy looks for nights out and full coverage of your look.   You also want to be sure not to purchase too much into the trend.  If you do, you'll be wearing the items when the trend is over.

3.  Don't Date Yourself
#2 was a great lead-in to this one.  You want to be sure you aren't dressing in a way to make people think they've just stepped into a time machine.  Sure, trends are recycled, but the specific cycles are not as quick as the seasonal fashion cycles we see every few months.  It'll be a bit before overalls come back.  Get it?  Timeless pieces are everything.  Be sure to keep those in your wardrobe.  Gents can always rock a traditional suit and take it up a level with the right shirt and tie combo.  Ladies can never be out of style with A-line or shift dresses.  Some things never change.

4. Accessorize Actively
You have to have accessories.  Whether it's jewelry, shoes, a pocket square, or hat, you need them in your arsenal.  These items tell you and those noticing you, you "gave it a tad more thought this morning".  Plus, they're fun!

5.  Know Your Shape
This is important.  You have to know how to dress for your height, weight, and shape--no question.  It will help you feel good about yourself.  Be confident in what you're wearing, and know what gives you that confidence.  It could be accessories, a fashionmark of your choice, or a plethora of other things.  Just make sure it's fitting to you.

6.  Do the Extras
Coco Rae Cosmetics
The little things count.  Do things like getting manicures and pedicures (Guys, you, too---dry feet are not attractive!).  Get massages to rejuvenate yourself.  Treat yourself when your budget allows.  Add things to your style that take you a step further than clothes.  Your style is what you decide it is.  Define you.

Check out these tips to help you out:

How will you invigorate your style in 2014?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Loves Chicago

BYOB Spots!

Who doesn't like to go out for drinks....but sometimes, you want to bring your own sand to the beach, right?  Today, we're highlighting some of the best BYOB spots in Chicago.  They have great food, and the bottle you bring is the perfect nightcap in the Food & Restaurant Capital.

Butterfly Sushi
Personally, this is one of my favorites.  They have 3 locations in the West Loop/West Town area, and some of the best sushi in the City.  Bring your bottle and they'll provide the rest!

Tango Sur
Steak is always nicely paired with a good red wine.  Their steak is pretty stellar.  Whatever your pairing choice, you can bring it to Tango Sur for a great dining experience.

Batter & Berries
This is one of our brunch favorites, but because we love it so much, we're noting it as a BYOB spot as well.  The Flight of French Toast is a must, the chicken and waffles is a can't miss, and the lobster or crab omelet will please your tastebuds without fail.  Bringing in your own bottle is just another perk to brunch here.  There's also a 7-Eleven just east of it--in case you forget your main mimosa ingredient.  

This spot is small, but uniquely designed.  It's perfect for a date or a couple friends catching up.  They welcome your bottles, and you should welcome their cuisine!

The name says it all.  It's a Chicago cornerstone and is situated right in the Loop near state and local government buildings.  Not only can you bring your own bottles, but you get great Italian food, and might even see a politico or 2.  

"Contemprary brunch with a peel" is their motto.  They serve brunch with a twist, offering a weekly special pancake flight, and also offer homemade granola.  You can purchase their Orange roast coffee to go, too.  All this, and they'll ice your bottle for you.  

Urban Belly
A West Loop hot spot for sure.  As Randolph St. now serves at "Restaurant Row", this establishment on the western edge of the strip is a unique blend of good food and atmosphere.  Bring your own alcohol for this fun communal dining experience.  


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Vintage Shopping Sites--

It's the holiday season, so shopping is on the top of a lot of our minds.  Today, we're sharing the top sites for vintage items.  Sure, new trends are good to have, but a timeless piece is priceless.

Here's where to shop when looking for a throwback in your wardrobe.

1.  Vintage Vixen
Both men and women can find classic items on this site.   You could consider it a one-stop-shop.

2.  That Vintage Shop
Here, you can style your home.   Find vintage furniture and home dressings.  Give your house that classic blast from the past.

3.  Adored Vintage
On AV, you'll find accessories, lingerie, bridal items, and more.  Check out this shop for some hard to find vintage pieces.

4.  Vintage Clothing Shop
Their motto is "Retro, Stylish, and Unique"...and their items certainly are.  The site is organized by decade and style, making shopping quite easy.

5.  What Goes Around Comes Around
For the high fashion vintage shopper, you can find all your favorite designer brands here.  From Chanel to Gucci, indulge in the haute couture of the past.

We hope these are helpful as you continue your holiday shopping!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

The Movement Continues!

It wasn't all that long ago our Fashion Law Friend Staci Riordan wrote about The Movement that is Fashion Law.  She noted how the niche is growing and something to be taken quite seriously.  Literally following in the heels of Susan Scafidi, who is beyond major in putting our niche on the map, the reality of fashion law is continuing to make waves.

At the hands of Staci, Loyola Law School in California will be launching the Fashion Law Project--a department in the law school dedicated to this stylishly growing field of law.  We are so excited for Staci, and the many law students who will get the chance to study Fashion Law at Loyola.  

The Fashion Law Project, like its big sister in NYC, the Fashion Law Institute, will include classes like Fashion Law Business Transactions, Fashion Modeling Law, and even a Fashion Law Clinic.  

As you all know, Fashion Law is really the reason this blog exists.  Seeing this niche grow the way it has and continues to, will keep us bringing you all the Fashion Law news, updates, and runway shows you need to stay in the know.

Can't wait to see where the next Fashion Law program will pop up!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

The Simone Butterfly Book!

We are so excited to announce the upcoming book by our Fashion Law Friend, Simone Butterfly.  Hopefully you've been following her site as you do this one, and now, you'll be able to get even more Simone!

Check out the details of her upcoming fab publication, and see how you can donate to make it a reality.

We send our Fashion Law Love to Simone! ;)

Simone Butterfly: Fabulous, Freelance Fashion Investigator
Want More Simone?

I’m writing to share some great news.  Because of the overwhelming support of Simone Butterfly postings, I have decided to publish a book featuring Simone Butterfly anecdotes along with a line of Simone Butterfly branded merchandise to be offered at premier shopping establishments.  

For months now, I could not figure out how I would actually fund this new venture.  To my utter surprise, on Friday last, I was accepted to begin fundraising for this project on Kiva Zip, a non-profit that helps entrepreneurs like me access capital at a 0% interest rate. With an endorsement by The Women’s Business Center of Washington, DC, I am now able to raise $5000 in investments through Kiva Zip.

Through Kiva Zip’s website friends can contribute to my business with as little as $25. This is not a donation, but rather a small loan at a 0% interest rate that will be repaid over time. Through a generous anonymous donor, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar.  

If you are willing to contribute to my business, please email me atmariessa@simonebutterfly.com or text/call me at 202-277-5071.  I will immediately send you a link that will enable you to visit my Kiva Zip loan profile.   All loans must be received by January 20, 2014 to be applied to the project.

Thank you ever so much!

Instagram | Simone_Bfly

This edition of YOO HOO DARLING is brought to you by:

SIMONE BUTTERFLY CO. | SBC Law Group | FashionTrademarks.biz
1875 I Street, NW, 5th Floor | Washington, DC 20006

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