Thursday, December 12, 2013

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The Simone Butterfly Book!

We are so excited to announce the upcoming book by our Fashion Law Friend, Simone Butterfly.  Hopefully you've been following her site as you do this one, and now, you'll be able to get even more Simone!

Check out the details of her upcoming fab publication, and see how you can donate to make it a reality.

We send our Fashion Law Love to Simone! ;)

Simone Butterfly: Fabulous, Freelance Fashion Investigator
Want More Simone?

I’m writing to share some great news.  Because of the overwhelming support of Simone Butterfly postings, I have decided to publish a book featuring Simone Butterfly anecdotes along with a line of Simone Butterfly branded merchandise to be offered at premier shopping establishments.  

For months now, I could not figure out how I would actually fund this new venture.  To my utter surprise, on Friday last, I was accepted to begin fundraising for this project on Kiva Zip, a non-profit that helps entrepreneurs like me access capital at a 0% interest rate. With an endorsement by The Women’s Business Center of Washington, DC, I am now able to raise $5000 in investments through Kiva Zip.

Through Kiva Zip’s website friends can contribute to my business with as little as $25. This is not a donation, but rather a small loan at a 0% interest rate that will be repaid over time. Through a generous anonymous donor, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar.  

If you are willing to contribute to my business, please email me or text/call me at 202-277-5071.  I will immediately send you a link that will enable you to visit my Kiva Zip loan profile.   All loans must be received by January 20, 2014 to be applied to the project.

Thank you ever so much!

Instagram | Simone_Bfly

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