Monday, December 16, 2013

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The Movement Continues!

It wasn't all that long ago our Fashion Law Friend Staci Riordan wrote about The Movement that is Fashion Law.  She noted how the niche is growing and something to be taken quite seriously.  Literally following in the heels of Susan Scafidi, who is beyond major in putting our niche on the map, the reality of fashion law is continuing to make waves.

At the hands of Staci, Loyola Law School in California will be launching the Fashion Law Project--a department in the law school dedicated to this stylishly growing field of law.  We are so excited for Staci, and the many law students who will get the chance to study Fashion Law at Loyola.  

The Fashion Law Project, like its big sister in NYC, the Fashion Law Institute, will include classes like Fashion Law Business Transactions, Fashion Modeling Law, and even a Fashion Law Clinic.  

As you all know, Fashion Law is really the reason this blog exists.  Seeing this niche grow the way it has and continues to, will keep us bringing you all the Fashion Law news, updates, and runway shows you need to stay in the know.

Can't wait to see where the next Fashion Law program will pop up!!

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