Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Top 5 Vintage Shopping Sites--

It's the holiday season, so shopping is on the top of a lot of our minds.  Today, we're sharing the top sites for vintage items.  Sure, new trends are good to have, but a timeless piece is priceless.

Here's where to shop when looking for a throwback in your wardrobe.

1.  Vintage Vixen
Both men and women can find classic items on this site.   You could consider it a one-stop-shop.

2.  That Vintage Shop
Here, you can style your home.   Find vintage furniture and home dressings.  Give your house that classic blast from the past.

3.  Adored Vintage
On AV, you'll find accessories, lingerie, bridal items, and more.  Check out this shop for some hard to find vintage pieces.

4.  Vintage Clothing Shop
Their motto is "Retro, Stylish, and Unique"...and their items certainly are.  The site is organized by decade and style, making shopping quite easy.

5.  What Goes Around Comes Around
For the high fashion vintage shopper, you can find all your favorite designer brands here.  From Chanel to Gucci, indulge in the haute couture of the past.

We hope these are helpful as you continue your holiday shopping!!

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