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Top 6 Ways to Invigorate Your Style--

Style is timeless, but it can always use a boost to keep things fresh.  Today, we're sharing 6 ways to invigorate your style.  It's the time of year when many start to think about new year's resolutions.  While each day is a chance for a new start, we know the new year is a good chance to start fresh. 

Check out these tips and share some of your own:

1.  Color with Caution
Neutral colors are your canvas.  Wear them and use them to highlight other pieces like statement jewelry, scarves, hats, and shoes.  On the contrary, wear colors and prints when you are not rocking the solids.  You can even mix some prints, but do this with caution, of course.

2.  Trend Lightly
Timeless pieces are essential.  You have to have staples like jeans, cardigans, blazers, and plain t-shirts.  But, the latest trends are good to dip into, too--with caution.  You have to know when the trends are appropriate, and not overdo them.  Reserve trendy looks for nights out and full coverage of your look.   You also want to be sure not to purchase too much into the trend.  If you do, you'll be wearing the items when the trend is over.

3.  Don't Date Yourself
#2 was a great lead-in to this one.  You want to be sure you aren't dressing in a way to make people think they've just stepped into a time machine.  Sure, trends are recycled, but the specific cycles are not as quick as the seasonal fashion cycles we see every few months.  It'll be a bit before overalls come back.  Get it?  Timeless pieces are everything.  Be sure to keep those in your wardrobe.  Gents can always rock a traditional suit and take it up a level with the right shirt and tie combo.  Ladies can never be out of style with A-line or shift dresses.  Some things never change.

4. Accessorize Actively
You have to have accessories.  Whether it's jewelry, shoes, a pocket square, or hat, you need them in your arsenal.  These items tell you and those noticing you, you "gave it a tad more thought this morning".  Plus, they're fun!

5.  Know Your Shape
This is important.  You have to know how to dress for your height, weight, and shape--no question.  It will help you feel good about yourself.  Be confident in what you're wearing, and know what gives you that confidence.  It could be accessories, a fashionmark of your choice, or a plethora of other things.  Just make sure it's fitting to you.

6.  Do the Extras
Coco Rae Cosmetics
The little things count.  Do things like getting manicures and pedicures (Guys, you, too---dry feet are not attractive!).  Get massages to rejuvenate yourself.  Treat yourself when your budget allows.  Add things to your style that take you a step further than clothes.  Your style is what you decide it is.  Define you.

Check out these tips to help you out:

How will you invigorate your style in 2014?

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