Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Top 5 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning--

The holidays tend to put a few extra pounds where we don't want them.  It's ok.  There's always an opportunity to get them off.  Sure, the New Year is a common time to start over, but you have a new start every day--new year or not.  

It can be tough to make the time to exercise. You have to find what's best for you.  The gym is best for some, working out at home is best for others.  But exercising in the morning is actually a really productive way to create a positive routine and there are lots of benefits.  Even those of use who hate the morning can get into it.  

1. You'll sleep better
It's been proven, people who wake up early for regular exercise sleep better than those who work out later in the day. Working out stimulates your body, so doing it in the morning will give you energy for your day.  Working out at night can make it tougher to get to sleep, since your energy is up from the exercise. Sleep is everything.  Having a good night of sleep sets the tone for your entire day and is essential to good health. 

2. It's better for your schedule
Working out in the morning helps you avoid skipping it because things come up.  You get it out the way immediately, and build it into your daily routine. When things pop-up after work, you don't have to worry about neglecting your exercise--you've already done it.

3.  You'll burn fat instead of calories
Who wouldn't want to take advantage of this one?! There's an easy way to do this one: when you get up, have some water, and do your workout. By not having calories, your body needs something for energy and the first source is glycogen.  While you sleep, your glycogen depletes, so your body burns unwanted fat to get you through your workout.  Win-win!
*Not eating too close to bedtime and eating breakfast every morning are essential to this, too.  

4. Your productivity improves
Studies show, exercising increases your productivity, mental clarity, and gets your endorphins moving. Exercise increases your ability to focus, where you may have been easily distracted before. 

5. Metabolism increases
Exercising in the morning helps you continue to burn calories after your workout. Research has proven, people burned 37% more calories over the next 14 hours after working out than people who did not work out in the morning. By keeping your metabolism going, you will be burning more calories all day. 

*We are not advocating getting up extra early to work out.  We know that struggle.  Find the workout that works best for you--even if it's just a sample--to get your day going.  Get as much sleep as you can :)

Here's to you and your health!

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