Monday, February 3, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Honors

Black History Month and People You Need to Know--

Black History month comes to us every February, but is alive and well every day of the year.  This month, we'll be highlighting African-American lawyers, fashion icons, and today, those making big impacts at local levels.  Beware...this is just the beginning for them!

Official Anais PR, By Vau've Davis

You won't find a better PR professional.  Vau've has created a business which does its work on the "Build your brand.  Start your legacy" motto.  She does just that, and helps her clients to do the same.  In addition to her traditional PR work, she's all over the community serving and influencing.  Book her now!

DeVawn Jewelry, by Ashley Bonds
You can be styled by many designers all in 1 place.  From traditional accessories like earrings and bracelets, to scarves and hair wraps, DeVawn Jewelry has everything!

May Vora Jewelry, by LaReana Nichole
LaReana's pieces add all the personal touches.  Everything is one of a kind!  This glamorous line is always doing amazing things.  Order your personalized items right now.  "There's Only One"

Yannick Bonheur and Vanessa James
These 2 are making history in a Arthur Ashe-Tiger Woods type of way.  Rising to the top in a sport not often frequented or dominated by African-Americans is well worth recognition.  We will be rooting for this team in Sochi!

Swish Dreams, by Joshua Mercer

A sports-themed educational program in Chicago and growing larger and larger every year, we have to keep this one on your radar.  This program is fun for the kids, great for parents to connect while helping one another, and is pivotal in raising the test scores in our schools. We need more like Josh.  Kudos to Swish Dreams!

Red Pump Project, by Karyn Watkins and Lovette Ajayi

Born in Chicago, and making moves all across the country, these ladies use red pumps as their "Causemark" to keep awareness about HIV and AIDS are top of mind.   Their events are empowering and fun, while the social media presence allows everyone to participate and learn.  Help them spread the word and look out for their blog campaign in March! Awareness is Always in Style.

Afrobella, by Patrice Yursik
Everyone loves Afrobella.  This site has grown in so many ways over the years and is an inspiration to aspiring bloggers.  Keeping us all up to date on the best beauty products, style, celebrities, and natural hair care, Afrobella is a fixture in today's social media community.

Daniel Shannon Speaks, by Daniel K. Shannon

Daniel is an inspirational speaker like none other.  His style is unique, and his results are certain.  Whatever your motivational needs--sports teams, corporate team-building, nonprofits--no group can go wrong enlisting this gentleman for a speech.  

Emerging Leaders Commission by Todd Walton

Todd is making moves in urban culture, current events, music, and politics.  In addition to sitting on various community panels, boards, philanthropic ventures, and social events, Todd is also highlighting his creative thinking for a better society at Chicago Ideas Week.  Keep your eyes out for this guy! 

The Hoop Lab, by Quintin Garrison
If you want your youngster to be the next big NBA star, they need to be trained by Coach Q!  THL is "Building Better Basketball" from the ground up.  Your kids will get the skills they need and positive role models.   Summer camp info coming soon!

My Lifestyle Zen, by Patrice Perkins

Partice is a social-savvy lawyer proving to everyone, there are endless options for the person with a J.D. Her practice helps entrepreneurs build their businesses, and take their branding to the next level.  Check out her site for the next creative event! 

Gametime Pros., by Elliott Ivory
Even high school athletes need highligh films.  They have to win over the college recruiters, right? Gametime is the only option. Call them for a filming with your young star, and get them ready for the next step.  

Please also check out our famous black inventors and facts about Black History Month!

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