Thursday, February 6, 2014

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The International Law Review Symposium--

In Chicago or want to visit?  Lawyers and law students, this is a great opportunity to discuss and learn about the current state of human rights and free trade agreements.

Mark your calendars for February 14th, now!  This during the day...time with your loved one at night ;)

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2014 Loyola University Chicago
International Law Review Symposium

Assessing the New Generation of
Human Rights Provisions

in Free Trade Agreements
Friday, February 14, 2014
8:50 AM - 3:10 PM

Philip H. Corboy Law Center, 25 E. Pearson Street
Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom, 10th Floor
This conference and workshop will explore current trends that use trade agreements to promote human rights and will address various areas of human rights such as labor rights, women’s rights, Internet freedom, and access to medicine. Speakers will discuss the new types of human rights commitments as they compare to prior efforts, the effectiveness of mechanisms to bind and enforce measures of protection, and the desirability of implementing such commitments for promoting human rights in other types of free trade agreements that include multiple partners, such as the one the US is currently negotiating. 

Scholarly Address by Robert Howse, Lloyd C. Nelson Professor of International Law, NYU School of Law 

To register, email Conference Editor Susan Lee at
This program has been approved by the Illinois MCLE Board for 5.5 hours of credit. 


Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Philip H. Corboy Law Center
25 E. Pearson St. Chicago, IL 60611

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