Thursday, February 13, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Christopher Cleveland of Brushworks by Chris!

As promised, we are highlighting people you should know all month long--and beyond, of course. Christopher Cleveland is definitely someone you should know in the makeup world.  His style is unique, and his perspective on make-up is more than just coloring a face.  He's connected to the true artistry behind the work.

We got to ask Chris some questions about his work.  Here is what he shared:

What got your interested in being a makeup artist?
I live for the transformation.  Watching a look merge with the alter ego is fabulous.  Believe it or not, it really started as a kid, watching my mom get ready for events.  I was always in awe as ordinary mom ducked into the closet for a few minutes, and then emerged as supermom, ready to conquer anything.  That feeling has stuck with me through the years and is my motivation each time I witness it take place with my clients today.  

Who are your makeup inspirations?  What is your "beautymark"?  (You know how we pair fashion and law terms here, folks!)
I find inspiration everywhere.  Working behind the counter (at Sephora) has given me the opportunity to understand what women really want, combined with my male perspective, and you get beauty from every angle, literally.  I have studied all of the greats like Kevyn Aucoin, Sam Fine, Scott Barnes, Pat McGrath, Francois Nars, Billy Brasfield, Samer Khouzami, and Alex Box, as well as art history though contemporary art.  

They say that the window to the soul is through the eyes, so I love making that the focus point of my looks.  To me, eye contact is priceless.  My "beautymark", I would have to say would be that dreamy gaze that a man gives a woman when he is utterly hypnotized and lost in her eyes as she speaks.  Like in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, my favorite line was..."You cannot call yourself a true Geisha until you can stop a man in his tracks with a single look." --Mameha

I asked Chris what's coming up next for him, and he told me he's working on branding.  He's collaborating with up and coming designers and photographers, and doing bridal parties.  He's also teaching one-on-one makeup classes.  

Be sure to find Chris on social media and book him for your next event!
Brushworks by Chris

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