Wednesday, May 21, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Time to Prep for Chicago Fashion Week!

Stylishly known as Fashion Focus Chicago, the City is getting ready for yet another successful week of fashion events.  To do your part and enjoy, check out the details below and participate!!


DCASE News - Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events

Fashion Focus Chicago banner (Photo: Jack Perno)

Dear Chicago fashion professional,

Happy Spring!  

Thank you for attending and participating in the City of Chicago's Fashion Focus Chicago events in 2013! At the end of the year, we had a great conversation with many of you at the 1st Annual Fashion Town Hall held on December 10 at the Chicago Cultural Center. We heard you and are thrilled to offer more opportunities this year that bring the fashion community together and help you build your fashion brand.  

The feedback you provided helps the Fashion Focus Chicago team and the Mayor's Fashion Council with planning for 2014 *and beyond* in many ways and we appreciate that you have shared your ideas and concerns with us. There were many ideas shared that are acting on as we plan for 2014 (more networking events, more selling events) and some ideas that are longer-term that may take more time and effort (a fashion resource directory, a centralized garment district). We will talk more about this as we continue to communicate with each other and update the Fashion Focus Chicago calendar. Yes, there is more to come this year; we will stay in contact as the details for new events are confirmed!

Fashion Focus Chicago is planning an exciting year of programming. Are you ready to Attend and Vend this year?! Where can you find updates and more information?
Fashion Focus Chicago on Facebook 
@FashionFocus on Twitter 
City Seal, Mayor Rahm Emanuel  DCASE logo

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