Friday, June 13, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. For Men

Summer Fashion Tips for Men--

As promised, we're finishing Men's Health Week strong and giving you the style tips you need for this great weather while getting you guys ready for the weekend.  We've shared the foundational fashion tips you need to get you started.  Now, we're giving you some guidelines for the warm weather.  

1.  Keep a hat on deck.
You might want to get a bit of a tan, but it's always good to have a hat close to keep the shade from burning your swag.  Fedoras are sexy, and baseball caps are classic.  Rock the top making you feel your best.

2.  Watch your feet!
Some guys feel like the spa pedicure is a bit out of the "man scope".  Fine.  But, this is no excuse for ignoring lotion and toenail clippers.  Just keeping it real guys.  Nixing the scented lotion is one thing--looking like you stepped in flour is another.

3.  Embrace bright colors.
Guys, the sun is out and the temperatures are high.  It's ok to don a pastel or 2 with your favorite jeans or khakis.  Ladies like some shine in their sights ;)

4.  Shades are a must!
Fashionable sunglasses are so necessary in the long days of summer.  For 1, the sun shines pretty bright.  And 2--well, they just look good!

5.  Check your hair.
Whether you have long hair or a slick wavy fade, be sure your hair is in check.  Warm weather can make for messy hair, and a tough situation.  Trips to the barber and daily maintenance are a must. 

Happy Weekend, Gents!

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