Friday, August 29, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Celebrates

Michael Jackson:  Happy Birthday King of Pop!

The music world hasn't been the same since we lost the King, but he left us with tons of tunes to keep his legacy alive.  Michael's work was the soundtrack of so many of our lives. His music not only made us dance, but offered messages for being and living a righteous life.  Let's celebrate his life through music and song, while keeping his memory alive.

Rest in Peace, MJ!



Remember the Time


Man in the Mirror

I Want You Back

Rock With You

Working Day and Night


You Rock My World

I Like (The Way You Love Me)

I'll Be There  


Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'  

The Way You Make Me Feel

Smooth Criminal  

Love Never Felt So Good

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Chicago Fashion Week--

Hello Chicago Fashion Professionals!

It's almost time for Fashion Focus Chicago, and we find it our duty to share this call for fashion programming with you.  Fashion is major in Chicago.  Check out these opportunities to participate in October.

See you there!

What a summer it has been! Congratulations to all Fashion Focus Chicago vendors at the Divvy Style Pop-Up during Bike Week Chicago, the 1st ever Made in Chicago Market at Taste of Chicago, and the 8th Annual Sidewalk Sale on Daley Plaza. Thinking ahead to fall...

Fashion Week, October 14-19
A press release regarding activities/programming for Fashion Focus Chicago Fashion Week will be sent out later in August. In the interim, please save the date for the FASHION TOWN HALL, 6-9pm, October 14, 2014, kicking off Chicago's Fashion Week! Please note that there will be no Call for Vendors sent by Fashion Focus Chicago for Fashion Week programming. 

Call for Programs
Are you hosting a trunk show, runway event, open studio, art walk/exhibition, or other selling event for your fashion business between October-December? Showcase your fashion event! The Call for Fashion Programs for the 2014 Chicago Fall Fashion Online Guide is now OPEN through August 24, 5pm! 

Fashion Focus Chicago will produce an online Chicago Guide to Fashion - Fall 2014 to highlight Fashion-specific events in neighborhoods throughout Chicago this fall, October-December. This marketing campaign will launch prior to and be linked with Chicago Fashion Week, October 14-19, 2014. Programs featured in this Guide may include but are not limited to trunk shows, runway events, exhibitions, art walk/tours, pop-ups, educational programs, open studios, and other selling or fashion-related events, with an emphasis and spotlight placed on programs taking place during FASHION WEEK OCTOBER 14-19

Monday, August 18, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

The Purse That Charges Your SmartPhone!

Everpurse is solving problems in style.  What more could you ask for?  You need a stylish bag.  You use your phone so much, it needs to be charged a couple times a day.  Cords are a hassle.

Everpurse is the brainchild of a former social worker, who came back to Chicago to launch her creative--and amazingly useful brand.  Liz Salecdo is the daughter and granddaughter of business owners, so it seems entrepreneurship is in her bloodline.  Creating a bag cute enough to be useful set her apart from so many designers.  She is certainly making her mark in Chicago.  

We got to sit down with Liz and she enlightened us on what's going on with Everpurse, where it's been and where it's headed.  Liz tells us she fell in love with the idea of what she's been creating, even more than she loves starting her own business and brand.  Starting Everpurse was not only a labor of love, but a big leap.  She reminded us how when opportunities present themselves, they are worth exploring--even when things seem scary.  Liz mentioned she endures a lot of gut checks when trying to make design decisions.  She often has to ask herself "would our customers think that's cool?"

As she discussed her brand, she said she's most focused on selling to her customer base and getting them to understand the brand and technology.  The Everpurse team has recently been looking at samples for the holidays and researching ways to integrate technology in other ways.  After all, making accessories smart is the way of our future.  Everpurse will be ready for our changing tech market, but make it a priority to keep design paramount.  

Having Everpurse based in Chicago is not only an asset to the growing tech community, but to the rising fashion scene, too.  Liz says she loves working near galleries and in a City with a lot going on--but she, too wishes there was some physical fashion space for designers to see and spend time close to one another.  She told us there's lots of opportunity to continue growing fashion in Chicago. It's easy to learn the foundation in New York, but there's a vibrant community here. People don't know how much is here. Hopefully they'll see more, especially with Fashion Focus Chicago coming back soon!

So Liz is trailblazing in technology and fashion, but in the women-owned business arena, too.  She positions Everpurse as something to empower women and encourage them to succeed.  Her line is so different and she feels like it's incredible to see how many women love the product and talk about how useful the product is.  

We can't wait to continue seeing this line grow.  The designs are amazing and will only get more fabulous.

Order yours now!

For more on Everpurse, click here.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Events

Windy City Carnival and Chicago West Side Music Festival!

Everyone knows Summertime Chi is the best time of the year.  There's so much going on in the City, from special events, to great rooftops and waterfront spaces to frequent.  This weekend, Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park is turning Caribbean with a midwest version of Carnival!

Check out these details and get out there!!

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, thousands of Carnival goers will descend upon the Midway Plaisance, located at 1130 Midway Plaisance North, on the historical campus of the University of Chicago, and the 5th Ward of the Honorable Alderman Leslie Hairston to take part in the 2nd Annual Windy City Carnival.

Windy City Carnival is a cultural snapshot of how nations throughout the Caribbean and West Indies celebrate life.  In these countries, the celebration typically happens just before lent, however, in Chicago, we celebrate the 3rd Saturday in August of each year.  Now in existence for its 2nd year, Windy City Carnival is currently one of the newest Carnival celebrations to hit the scene in North America.  The event is free and features the traditional parade of bands competition, where masqueraders dress up in colorful costumes and dance to an eclectic array of soulful rhythms pumped out by Windy City Carnival's Elite Mix Masters and other premier Caribbean and West Indian Djs.  Event goers will also enjoy a host of vendors boasting delectable cuisines and beautiful crafts from nations throughout the Caribbean, West Indies and Central America, such as Trinidad, Jamaica, Belize, and Honduras.        

Annnd....for those of you who love 90s music and the smooth sounds of R&B music, head over to the Chicago West Side Music Festival!  112 will be performing, along with Brownstone, Terisa Griffin, and more!  This concert shouldn't be missed!


Chicago Westside Music Festival  
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. For Gents

All Tied Up--

Gents, your necktie is the highlight piece of your suit.  It's where you can make a statement, and show onlookers you took a little time to decide what you want them to see.  While the classic Windsor knot is nice, there are plenty of other ways to rock your tie.

Here are some of our favorites--

The Capsule
Perfect for light-colored ties and shirts, this one is great for a tie with one bold color.  Wear this one with golds, silvers, or other striping that pops.  

The Fishbone Knot
Ladies love their fishtail braids.  This is the Smooth Gentleman's equivalent.  It gives a little spice to your look and is great for solid-colored ties.  If you're hesitant to wear anything but a white shirt, you should make the most of this knot.

The Diagonal Knot
The Diagonal is perfect for an evening out.  This one is best for low-key designed ties.  The knot is what takes the look up a level.  It is best for ties with blues, grays, purples, and faint prints.  

The Eldridge Knot
My favorite.  You can wear this one any day of the week--to the office or to the evening reception.  It gives your look a boost, without going overboard.  Try it on a random Wednesday.  

The Ellie Knot
Ellie is a twist on the Eldridge, and adds a little more texture.  This is great for solid-colored ties.  You can use this knot daily as well.  No need to save it for any occasion in particular.

The Eric Glennie Braided Knot
Eric is best for textured ties.  It's a cutting edge look, making your less jazzy ties a tad snazzier.  You can get away with this at work, but it's nice for after hours, too.

The 4-Rings Knot
If you're a trendy Gent, this one is for you.  This loose-looking tie is for the guy who likes to dress on the edge.  Wear this one when you're not trying to fit in--you're trying to stand out.  Rock this knot when you wear your smooth silk ties.  

The Linwood Taurus
This one is best for wide-collared shirts and makes fancily-designed ties stand out even more.  There's no way this knot won't turn heads.  Try this one when you want to take a printed shirt up a notch.

The Novotny Knot
Novotny is similar to the Eldridge and Ellie, but better for silk ties.  It's a layered look and draws the eye in.  This one is perfect for special occasions.  

The Trinity Knot
These 3 layers give your striped tie a whole new look.  Trinity is good for everyday, and pairs well with wide-collared shirts.  You can even do this one with checkered shirts.  

The True Love
Switch it up with this one, Gents and see if she notices.  Tied like a bullseye, this knot is just right for a special night--whatever it may be.  Use it with striped or dotted ties for the best look.  

Not impressed with these?  Like them, but need a tutorial?  Smoking Popes has more knots for you, and videos showing you step-by-step.  Check them out!

Friday, August 1, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

Victoria's Secret Loses Its Pink--

In a recent London-based lawsuit, the famous lingerie line lost their ability to use the "Pink" trademark.  Victoria's Secret, an L Brands line, was sued by Thomas Pink, an English brand specializing in dressing men for work and formal events.  While you can find Thomas Pink items in America at various retail stores like Macy's, the brand thought VS's use of "Pink" brought confusion to the market.

A trademark is a symbol used in the market to signal the source, and often quality, of goods.  Popular trademarks are often registered with their respective nation's trademark office, and provide protection to the brand.  Thomas Pink accused Victoria's Secret of infringement based on confusion, claiming the separation of brands may not be distinct enough to shoppers seeking ties and dress shirts--not hoodies and panties.  

The men's line was delighted to find a judge agree the trademarks were too similar for comfort in this global market.  We are delighted with the outcome of this case, and will continue to protect the considerable investment that has been made into building Thomas Pink into a leading luxury clothing brand,” Jonathan Heilbron, the company’s chief executive officer said.  

This outcome could set the pace for stricter regulation of trademarks.  Brands are taking advantage of both vertical and horizontal integration, so the selection and use of names in a global market largely dependent on internet and social media is increasingly difficult.  Of course Victoria's Secret believes the clear distinction in customer base alleviates any confusion between the 2, but for now, they'll have to figure out some other mark for their varsity line.  Any ideas?

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

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