Wednesday, August 6, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. For Gents

All Tied Up--

Gents, your necktie is the highlight piece of your suit.  It's where you can make a statement, and show onlookers you took a little time to decide what you want them to see.  While the classic Windsor knot is nice, there are plenty of other ways to rock your tie.

Here are some of our favorites--

The Capsule
Perfect for light-colored ties and shirts, this one is great for a tie with one bold color.  Wear this one with golds, silvers, or other striping that pops.  

The Fishbone Knot
Ladies love their fishtail braids.  This is the Smooth Gentleman's equivalent.  It gives a little spice to your look and is great for solid-colored ties.  If you're hesitant to wear anything but a white shirt, you should make the most of this knot.

The Diagonal Knot
The Diagonal is perfect for an evening out.  This one is best for low-key designed ties.  The knot is what takes the look up a level.  It is best for ties with blues, grays, purples, and faint prints.  

The Eldridge Knot
My favorite.  You can wear this one any day of the week--to the office or to the evening reception.  It gives your look a boost, without going overboard.  Try it on a random Wednesday.  

The Ellie Knot
Ellie is a twist on the Eldridge, and adds a little more texture.  This is great for solid-colored ties.  You can use this knot daily as well.  No need to save it for any occasion in particular.

The Eric Glennie Braided Knot
Eric is best for textured ties.  It's a cutting edge look, making your less jazzy ties a tad snazzier.  You can get away with this at work, but it's nice for after hours, too.

The 4-Rings Knot
If you're a trendy Gent, this one is for you.  This loose-looking tie is for the guy who likes to dress on the edge.  Wear this one when you're not trying to fit in--you're trying to stand out.  Rock this knot when you wear your smooth silk ties.  

The Linwood Taurus
This one is best for wide-collared shirts and makes fancily-designed ties stand out even more.  There's no way this knot won't turn heads.  Try this one when you want to take a printed shirt up a notch.

The Novotny Knot
Novotny is similar to the Eldridge and Ellie, but better for silk ties.  It's a layered look and draws the eye in.  This one is perfect for special occasions.  

The Trinity Knot
These 3 layers give your striped tie a whole new look.  Trinity is good for everyday, and pairs well with wide-collared shirts.  You can even do this one with checkered shirts.  

The True Love
Switch it up with this one, Gents and see if she notices.  Tied like a bullseye, this knot is just right for a special night--whatever it may be.  Use it with striped or dotted ties for the best look.  

Not impressed with these?  Like them, but need a tutorial?  Smoking Popes has more knots for you, and videos showing you step-by-step.  Check them out!

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